On July 15-17, 2016, legal hackers from all over the world traveled to Brooklyn, New York for the 2016 Legal Hackers International Summit. The hashtag for the summit was #legalhack2016, and the Saturday’s activities were live streamed. Schedule and videos are below.

Legal Hackers: Where We Are and Where We’re Going
Jameson Dempsey, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP
Phil Weiss, Fridman Law Group

What Legal Hackers Can Learn from the Original Hackers
Dan Lear, Dir. of Industry Relations, Avvo

A Hacker’s Perspective on Opportunities in Legal Hacking
Scott Allan, CEO, MindHive

Simple Legal Hacks from Singapore
Jerrold Soh, SG Legal Hackers

The Lantern in the Fog: Bleak House and the Information Revolution
Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Solicitor and Member of Technology Committee of the Law Society of Ireland

Take Back Your City: Hacking Open Data and Pair Coding Your Laws
Ben Kallos, New York City Council Member

3 Civic Hacking Models for an Open Source City
Jason Hibbets, Sr. Community Evangelist, Red Hat

Legal Toolkit for the 21st Century: Smart Contracts and the Blockchain
Tom Brooke, Partner, Brooke & Brooke
Nina Kilbride & Preston Byrne, ERIS Industries
Dazza Greenwood, MIT Media Lab Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Hackesphere
Larry Bridgesmith, Law Professor, Vanderbilt University School of Law

The Ethics of Applying Machine Learning to Legal Use Cases
Kathryn Hume, Director of Sales and Marketing, FastForwardLabs & Professor of Law, University of Calgary Faculty of Law

Legal Issues in Crowdfunding and Alternative Finance
Amy Wan, Partner, CrowdfundingLawyers.net
Ken Nguyen, CEO, Republic.co

The Role of Open Data in Federal Innovation Policy
James Miller, Senior Attorney Advisor, Federal Communications Commission

Lawtoons: Promoting Access to Justice Through Design (Workshop)
Kanan Dhru, Founder, Research Foundation for Governance in India, Lawtoons, and LawForMe

Introduction to LawWithoutWalls
Erika Pagano, Assistant Director, LawWithoutWalls

How The Internet Changed Legal Education
Kyle McEntee, Law School Transparency

Law Schools as Members of Interdisciplinary CivicLawTech Teams and Networks
Tony Luppino, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, UMKC School of Law

Hacking Legal Practice The Challenges and Opportunities in Legal Innovation
Matt Weinmann & Peter Brase, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Mindfulness for Lawyers (Workshop)
Nitya Bansal, Founder, Sai Centre for Socio-Legal Action

Innovation in Legal Services (Workshop)
Dan Linna, Director of LegalRnD
Andres Jara, Founder, Alster Legal