Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user?

Each person you allow to access your system is a “user” – partners, associates, paralegals, secretaries, receptionists or any other staff. Anyone with an email address can be a user.

What is a matter?

A matter is any active or closed case in your system that hasn’t been archived. Each unique index number/file number is a separate matter.

What is add-on capacity?

It’s extra hosting capacity for your matters. Maybe you’re a solo practitioner with 200 matters. You can stick with the Self Starter pricing, then buy extra storage to increase your hosting capacity.

What applications do I get?

Every package includes the following core applications – Matter Manager, Microsoft Office Online, Office Connector and App Integrator. Additional value-added applications are available from the CloudLex Marketplace. To see the complete list of apps currently available, please visit our applications page.

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