On August 4-6, 2017, legal hackers from all over the world convened in Brooklyn, NY where Legal Hackers was born 5 years ago for our third international summit. Participants traveled from as far as Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, and Ukraine to discuss, share, and collaborate on how to improve access to and the practice of law using technology. Topics of discussion included access to justice, open data, tech policy, data science, and of course, the blockchain.

The hashtag for the event was #legalhack2017 and the entire summit was live streamed. The schedule and videos of the summit can be found below:

Welcoming Remarks
Phil Weiss, Director, Legal Hackers
Jameson Dempsey, Director, Legal Hackers

Morning Keynote
Jim Sandman, President, Legal Services Corporation

Measuring Legal Innovation
Dan Linna, Chicago Legal Hackers Legal Hackers

Chapter Case Studies
1. Legal Hacking in Nigeria, Olumba Chukwemeka Benjamin, Imo Legal Hackers
2. Legal Hacking in the Middle East, Suzanna Kalendzhian, Dubai Legal Hackers
3. Legal Hacking in Ukraine, Dmitry Foremnyi, Valentyn Pivovarov, Nestor Dubnevych, Helen Locaychuk, Nataliia Komarnytska, Kyiv Legal Hackers

Hacking Human Trafficking
Rob Spectre, Brooklyn Hacker

Cori Zarek, Senior Tech Policy Fellow, Mozilla, former Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Sunday workshop previews

The Gray Area: Where Government Transparency Meets Individual Privacy
Rebecca Williams, DC Legal Hackers
Chris Wong, NYU GovLab
Rashida Richardson, NYCLU
Dominic Mauro, Civic Hacker (DoITT by day)

Teaching Hacking for Access to Justice
Jose Torres, Colombia Legal Hacker

Lexorium: Improving Innovation Skills for Law Students
Denis Ivanov, Kyiv Legal Hackers

Five Things I Learned Launching a Legal Tech Startup
Amy Wan, LA Legal Hackers

Sarah Feingold, Vroom

Hacking Law Firm Culture
Scott Allan, Toronto Legal Hackers

Holacracy for Law Firms
Dima Gadomsky, Kyiv Legal Hackers

Tech Policy: The General Counsel’s Perspective
Adam Greenberg, Warby Parker
Charles Kwalwasser, Bark & Co
Ho Shin, Yext
Sarah Feingold, Vroom

Blockchain Year in Review
Noah Thorp, SF Legal Hackers
Dazza Greenwood, MIT Media Lab
Nina Kilbride, Monax
Houman Shadab, Clause.io
Pat Berarducci, Consensys
Reuben Bramanathan, Coinbase

Legal Hackers Chapter Case Studies
Legal Hacking in Kenya, Nairobi Legal Hackers
Legal Hacking in Singapore, SG Legal Hackers

Using Network Theory to Improve Legal Systems
Aileen Schultz, Toronto Legal Hackers

Design Thinking Workshop
Cat Moon and Franklin Graves, Music City Legal Hackers

Demystifying Data Science Workshop
James Miller, Federal Communications Commission

Technology for Social Justice: Field Scan Workshop
Georgia Bullen, Open Technology Institute

Legal Hackers, the Global Legal Technology Laboratory, and Law School Collaborations
Jonathan Askin, Brooklyn Law School

Accelerating Legal Hackers
Phil Weiss, New York Legal Hackers

Taking Legal Hackers to the Next Level
Dan Lear, Seattle Legal Hackers