Six Tips for Marketing Success as a Solo Practitioner

Marketing, branding and public relations are a big part of business development.
Recent research shows that many of the larger law firms spend at least 5 percent of
their overall firm budget just on
marketing – whether that means they have in-house support or outsource to an
agency. But solo practitioners often feel like they are at a disadvantage when it
comes to marketing – practicing law, handling the logistics of running a business,
and business development don’t leave a lot of time in the day for doing anything
else. If you are struggling to put together a successful marketing strategy, here are
10 simple things that you can do today to help give your firm a stronger marketing
1) Get a Killer Website:
Your website is like an online brochure for your firm.  It’s the first place your potential clients are going to get acquainted with you and your firm, so its important that it makes the best first impression possible. Your website should be clean and professional, void of legal-ease or flower-y language and fluff. Most firm websites look a lot alike – find someone to work with you to design something different. You don’t need to be a website expert, but you might need to hire one.  There are multiple templates that can be adapted to meet your needs, and experts available through,, and other sites that work on all types of sites and can generally work within all different budgets.

2) Claim Your Social Media Real Estate:

There are several reasons why social media is important to your marketing efforts, but perhaps most importantly, is its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value. Regardless of how much of your budget you are spending on SEO, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In are likely spending more. Quick test – Google yourself and see what comes up first – your firm’s website or your Linked In profile?

3) Bring the Best of You to Your Bio:

Lawyer bios are boring. Most lawyers leave a list of credentials and talk about the breadth of experience and the depth of their expertise. Research shows that those looking for a lawyer spend the most time online reading the bio of their potential attorney. Read more about how to build a better bio here.

4) Remember the Client is Queen (or King):

We know that it is easier to keep a happy client than to try to get new business. One of the top complaints that clients have about their attorneys is that their attorneys don’t communicate with them often enough or effectively enough. While not a marketing strategy, per se, keeping an open line of communication with clients is the best client retention strategies you have at your disposal. Insider Tip: There’s an easy way to keep clients updated through automated platforms, like the one available through Case Status.

5) Share Your Expertise:

Whether it is a speaking opportunity at your local bar association, or a conference related to the industry you serve, it’s a great way to get your name out there. If you have a consumer-focused practice, another easy way to create an audience is to host a lunch and learn. You can share information, free of charge, over pizza at the local library, at your office, or even host a forum via Facebook live. If you enjoy writing, there are a lot of places looking for content for their newsletters, magazines, and blogs which may reach your potential client base.

6) Be Conscientious About Client Intake:

Like most firms, you likely get a lot of cold incoming calls. Whenever possible, you should have a live person answering your phone. A potential client who is screening attorneys will move on to the next firm if you aren’t responsive – your first impression will form their perception of your firm and your capabilities. If a case isn’t a good fit for your firm, perhaps it’s a good opportunity to refer it to another attorney who may in turn be able to send some business your way

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