Docket Alarm Expands Coverage With Data From PAIR
Docket Alarm has expanded its coverage to U.S. Patent Application prosecution history from the Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system and all of the underlying documents.

The Docket Alarm team will be showcasing the PAIR addition at the upcoming AIPLA 2019 Annual Meeting on October 24-26th in Washington, D.C.

“If a patent gets enforced, the action usually takes place in U.S. District Courts or the I.T.C. and invalidity challenges often come before the PTAB, but it all starts at the USPTO,” says Docket Alarm Founder and Managing Director Michael Sander. “Docket Alarm now offers attorneys the full lifecycle of a patent, starting with its prosecution history on PAIR, through enforcement, validity challenges, and appeals. Patent attorneys and litigators now have all the tools they need in one place.”

For the first time, Docket Alarm now allows patent professionals to: (1) mine the full record of the USPTO to find past arguments and admissions made by applicants or examiners, helping them craft better arguments and win more cases; (2) use legal analytics to build a bigger book of business, either by finding companies with growing portfolios or by showcasing your own firm’s work; (3) stay on top of an adversary or client’s portfolio, with fast-tracking of new prosecution activity.

Thousands of attorneys already use Docket Alarm to find new clients, win business and build a better case. The platform is now also available for U.S. Patent Application prosecution histories:

Track: Track the status of a patent application and receive up to hourly notifications of each office action, response, allowance, and other prosecution events

Search: Search the entire record of prosecution history, including within documents on Public PAIR. Filter by inventor, assignee, examiner, or Boolean search to find arguments

Analytics: Build customized analytics in the USPTO and generate statistics on time to allowance, allowance rate, and much more across a wide variety of filters.

For a free trial and more information, visit or connect with the Docket Alarm team at the AIPLA 2019 Annual Meeting.