Platform Allows Tracking and Management of Cases in Multiple Courts from Clio

Docket Alarm has teamed up with Clio’s practice management software to create a seamless process for attorneys to track and manage their cases.

The timing couldn’t be better: With the Clio Cloud Conference 2019 on legal technology coming to San Diego on October 21 and 22, the Docket Alarm integration showcases Clio’s app marketplace, enabled by a robust API integration with services such as Fastcase legal research and Docket Alarm docket tracking and research tools.

The new integration allows Clio users to synchronize their document library with the court, via Docket Alarm’s direct court connection. Underlying filings as well as the docket sheet itself are automatically uploaded with metadata to the Clio user’s case folder. The filings are named in a user-friendly way and tagged with the associated matter, making them easy to find within Clio. The integration will save countless hours for attorneys and paralegals downloading court filings from a court website and uploading them to Clio.

“Clio has been partnering with Fastcase and Docket Alarm for years, and we have always been impressed by the value they have added for Clio customers. Integrations like Docket Alarm’s will give firms using these services together an advantage in speed and knowledge management that lawyers have never possessed before,” said Jack Newton, co-founder and CEO of Clio. “We’re thrilled to offer this integration to our customers.”

“Clio is the operating system for modern law firms,” said Fastcase CEO Ed Walters. “With Fastcase legal research, Docket Alarm’s docket tracking and analytics, and now NextChapter’s bankruptcy form and workflow business, Fastcase is becoming the productivity suite for Clio-powered law firms.”

NextChapter by Fastcase, a bankruptcy solution and the newest member of the Fastcase family, will also be introducing Clio integration within their platform at the conference.

Docket Alarm and NextChapter will showcase these innovations Oct. 21-22 at the Clio Cloud Conference 2019 in San Diego. To learn more about the integration, along with all of our other features, email us at