Overview of the Genie’s Modules and How the Genie Works

Before we begin, let’s take a quick look at the steps in producing documents using Discovery Genie.


Discovery Genie uses a simple, five-step process to help you manage document production and organize your case. The Genie puts your most important documents front and center, leaving you in control to make informed decisions.

By analyzing document metadata and running a proprietary algorithm that applies the basic discovery rules, the Genie makes a privilege review fast, easy and accurate—and automatically generates a privilege log for you. The Genie handles all of the mechanics of document production, and gives you powerful tools to organize your case for depositions and trial.

1. Create a Case

Document production begins by creating a case. The Genie will keep track of Bates and Privilege numbers for you, ensuring there are no duplicate numbers, no matter how many jobs you need to run for your case.

  • Customize number formatting with leading zeros
  • Support for multiple Bates prefixes per case
  • Track client and matter numbers for billing
  • Set customizable stamp (e.g., “Confidential”)

2. Upload your Job

The Genie works with standard archives of emails or documents. It supports the file formats exported by Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and more.

Simply drag and drop your file onto the bullseye and the Genie will sort through your documents, converting them to pdfs and analyzing their metadata to give you a running start on your privilege review.

Discovery Genie works with all of the following:

  • Emails and Attachments
  • Collections of electronic documents
  • All Microsoft Office formats
  • Files that cannot be converted to PDF (like .mp3 files) are returned for production in native format

3. Classify email addresses

Let the Genie apply the rules of discovery to give you predictive assistance on your privilege review.

By characterizing each of the parties to an email as client, attorney, adverse party, or third party, you give the Genie the information necessary to predict whether an email and its attachments are producible or privileged.

Email address classification gives you a powerful head start on the review process and allows you to focus your attention on the close calls.

4. Review for Privilege and Substance

In the review screen, you can designate individual documents, emails, and attachments to be produced, privileged, or irrelevant. You can also flag critical documents as “key” or “to be redacted.” If a document needs to be marked with an additional legend (such as “Confidential”), you can mark the document with a customizable stamp.

Each document is placed into appropriate folders and logs for easy access.

Preview each document and add notes for your privilege and production logs.

Powerful tools allow you to sort, filter, and search metadata for your documents.

A privilege review that used to take hours now takes a fraction of the time—and is far more accurate and reliable.

5. Finish and Download

Producing your documents is easy: simply confirm your starting Bates number and the text for the Custom Stamp. Before you pay, the Genie shows you exactly how many emails, attachments, and documents it will process.

In just a matter of minutes, you get a complete set of your emails, attachments, and electronic documents in a single, downloadable archive—numbered, organized, and ready for production. Plus, the Genie provides complete with a privilege log to serve on opposing counsel, and a complete index of all of the documents in your for your internal use—a major head start in mastering your case.

Discovery Genie puts you in control

After you finish a job, your archive is available to download for a limited time to make sure you have received your output. Then the Genie deletes all of your sensitive data, leaving you in control of document management.

For the short time when the Genie holds your data for processing, all of your documents are encrypted and hosted on secure servers.

Our system design reflects Discovery Genie’s foundational conviction, that your data belongs to you, and you are best able to protect your data.

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