Clio This Month: Firm Dashboard

Happy January! We hope you’re keeping warm this winter, and that you’ve gotten off to a running start in 2020. To help your firm get an even more profitable and successful start to the new year, we’re covering a key update to Clio that’ll help you keep those law firm new year’s resolutions, some recent updates to our mobile app, and some exciting news about our integration partners.

Firm Dashboard

Last month, we were proud to release a new Firm Dashboard in Clio Manage to help you track your firm’s utilization, realization, and collection rates—i.e., how much billable work you’re doing, how much of that work gets billed, and how much of those invoices get collected on.

You’ll get a snapshot of your firm’s performance in an easy-to-understand visual dashboard so you can identify opportunities and areas for improvement. If you haven’t used it yet, here’s what you can expect:

  • Know where your time is going. Understand how much your firm’s work day is spent on billable work by looking at your utilization rate. See where you can identify opportunities to adjust workflows and better allocate resources.
  • See how much you could be billing. Find out how much money you are potentially leaving on the table by looking at your realization rate. Get the hard numbers of which hours ends up on an invoice, and identify where your firm is doing work it doesn’t end up charging for.
  • Track your revenue. Discover how much revenue you’re really bringing in by looking at your collection rate. Understand what’s actually being collected from your invoices, and use performance metrics to see if you should be asking for larger retainers, offering flexible payment plans, and using other reliable payment methods.
  • Measure and compare performance over time. Pinpoint what’s driving firm performance. See the data over a specific timeframe, and identify trends and changes over time—so you can plan annual budgets, invest in headcount, and set aside resources.
  • See how you stack up. Compare your performance against industry benchmarks published in the Legal Trends Report.
  • NEW: Get actionable insights. If you’ve already been using Firm Dashboard, you’ll now note that it’s possible to filter your view by user, so you can dig into performance at an individual level to help with coaching, professional development, and compensation.

Law firms are already finding that the Firm Dashboard helps them stay on top of their goals:

“I love having these KPIs at my fingertips. It really makes me realize where I need to focus on improving both my billing and my business aspect of the law firm.”

– Jarred Bradley, The Bradley Law Firm

Learn more about Firm Dashboard.

Updates and Additions to the Clio Mobile App

Our goal is to help Clio law firms stay responsive, productive, and profitable—wherever their day takes them.

To that, we’re continuing to update and refine our recently redesigned Clio Mobile App. In addition to the 30 features added at launch, here’s just some of the latest updates we’ve added based on customer feedback.

You can now:

  • Create new contacts, and edit existing ones on-the-go
  • View useful dots under Calendar dates where events, tasks, and statutes of limitations have been scheduled
  • View Matter financial details, including the Outstanding Balance and Trust Funds, at the bottom of every Matter dashboard
  • Add related Time Entries to Notes and Communication Logs
  • See Related Matters on a Contact profile

Additionally, push notifications are now available for calendar events, tasks, and secure messages, helping you stay even more on top of key events.

Still looking for more? Simply navigate to the Settings page of the mobile app, and submit your feedback!

The Clio Mobile App is available for free download with a Clio Manage subscription, or free trial. Check it out today.

Download Clio App on the App Store

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200 Apps in Clio’s App Directory

Clio’s App Directory now has 200 apps globally, including 185 apps for Clio Manage and 15 for Clio Grow. Since we launched the App Directory at the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference, this growing selection of apps and integrations have been helping law firms get even more out of Clio.

Today, the top three apps in Clio’s App Directory are:

  1. Clio for Outlook Add-in
  2. Clio for Gmail Add-on
  3. Zapier

Here are a few great apps that joined the app directory in 2019 that you might have missed:


AppearMe allows you to find an appearance attorney for an upcoming hearing. AppearMe attorneys are qualified in all practice areas, including family law, immigration, bankruptcy, civil, and criminal law. With the Clio-AppearMe integration, you can start the process of scheduling an appearance straight from Clio.

With, your firm can build branded, branching-logic client intakes. With the collected data, your firm can automatically create new Contacts, Matters, and Documents in Clio! even offers a growing library of free apps for intake and document automation so you don’t have to start building from scratch.


LegalBoards brings Kanban-style workflows to your Clio matters. With the Clio-LegalBoards integration, you can easily sync your Clio matters to a new agile board.

Explore more integrations in the Clio App Directory.