You can’t wing it when it comes to law firm financials. In order to run a successful law firm, you need to be numbers-oriented and vigilant in deriving actionable insights from your performance. Your finances have to run on rails. To that end, visibility into your firm’s revenue, accounts receivable, and cash flow are your gateway to increased profitability.

Join us Wednesday, February 19th when CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, Jared D. Correia Esq. presents Take Control of Your Firm’s Financial Performance. In this presentation, we’ll reveal how to improve your law firm’s financial health by creating improved financial controls.

Attend and learn how to:

  • Derive new insights from reporting tools and KPIs.
  • Increase your revenue by discerning financial trends.
  • Capture more time, bill more time and collect on more bills.
  • Create revenue projections that work.

Reserve your seat now!

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