Innocent until proven guilty is a sacred tenet of our criminal justice system. 

Adducing evidence is about establishing proof.

Both are about making sure the whole story is told in a fair and just manner.

At Discovery Genie, we want to make sure you have the whole story.

We spend a lot of time talking about how the Genie is faster and cheaper (75%-90%) than manual document production. But that only tells a small portion of the story and leaves out many of the relevant facts you need.

There are many factors that matter as much as price and speed when it comes to changing how you complete the discovery process.

These factors include the stress of switching systems and the apathy it engenders, confidence in the system and the uncertainty of learning something new.

Each of these has an unmeasurable cost to you and your firm.

The stress and time spent learning something new in the short-term to save time and money in the long run needs to be worth it. We’ve all been burned buying a system that is too complicated to actually implement. That’s why we we’ve made sure Discovery Genie simple and easy to use in addition to making sure you have all the free individual support you need to implement it.

You need confidence that the new thing you’re implementing is going to work. I built Discovery Genie for my own practice and only after I realized how much time, money and frustration it was saving me did I decide it was important to share it with others.

You need to measure the cost of burning out yourself and your paralegal(s) doing something that is all at once boring, precise and urgent. The cost of replacing a paralegal is estimated at 6-9 months of their salary.

As a legal professional, you understand the importance of gathering all the evidence before you proceed. We hope this helps.

In Simplicity,
The Discovery Genie Team 

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