A wise man once said “the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your decisions.”

The same could be said of your Law Firm, and the decisions you make about how to improve it.

There are lots of different kinds of decisions you have to make, right?

Like what kind of cases you are going to handle. And how much you’ll charge.

You have to decide where to spend money. Do you need practice management software? Or do you need a receptionist more?

Maybe you can afford both and so the decision is easier.

But what if you don’t need practice management software at all. (You probably do).

Or which practice management option from the dozens of options is best for you? (if you wanna see what most other lawyers choose, check this out)

Yeah, there are lots of decisions. And the ones that involve technology are particularly nettlesome.

There are tradeoffs calculations involved inall these decisions. But maybe figuring them out is beyond your ability (which is understandable because you didn’t learn about technology in law school).

So how can you make better quality decisions about technology (or marketing)?

My recommendation is to find knowledgeable, trustworthy people.

I know some of those kind of people. But it took me years of meeting lots of techies and marketing gurus to find the truly trustworthy ones.

If you want an incomplete list of those folks take a look at who I invited to speak at my 2-day conference coming up in May.

Any advice you get from any of those folks will help you make solid decisions about technology or marketing in your practice.

And if you want to learn how to make better decisions read this book.