It’s your #1 enemy if you want your law practice to be easy to manage.

You know you hate complexity. But yet you let it overtake you.


It’s a common phenomenon. Let’s start with that…

The author Tren Griffin once observed that “too many people take a situation and create complexity where none is needed.”

He then went on to relate an illustrative story about NASA. Early in the space program, NASA discovered that ball point pens would not work in zero gravity.

So their scientists spent a decade, and huge amounts of money, developing a pen that wrote in zero gravity. It worked on almost any surface, and at extremely low temperatures, and in any position a NASA astronaut might be in while writing.

Meanwhile, the Russians settled on simpler, less expensive solution: their astronauts used pencils.

So maybe you should pause to consider…

What part of your law business are you over-complicating?

Sometimes it’s hard to detect that you’re creating unnecessary complexity. Usually, you figure it out only after you’ve wasted a lot of time and money.

Look, you probably know this. But consider…

Modern technology has been (and will continue to be) a vast wonderland of complexity.

Online marketing is inherently complicated and ever changing.

Which for certain people, using a certain business model…could be a nice way to make a lot of money.

Speaking of which…

Do you ever get feeling that lots of tech consultants and online marketing gurus are selling ballpoint pens that work in zero gravity, when all you really need is a pencil?

Yeah, I bet you do.