Announcing our new strategic partnership

We’re excited and a bit nervous!

Today is the day we get to tell you about our brand new strategic partnership that connects Discovery Genie’s web-based document production tool with Casemaker’s legal research platform, enabling our users to get the law and get the facts when it matters most: when they’re in the midst of the discovery process.

We’re so proud of this partnership.

And we’re also a bit nervous.

In fact, it feels a lot like arriving at court on the first day of trial, where we have contradictory feelings of optimism and terror.

But we have done our prep work, and here we are!

This partnership was conceived when Discovery Genie and Casemaker met at a conference and realized we both work to help smaller firms compete in an increasingly tech-driven litigation landscape.

Both companies were founded by lawyers who realized that being a good lawyer is no longer enough if you work in a smaller firm. We know that to succeed, lawyers must find and use innovative and cutting-edge support tools that fit into a smaller firm’s financial model.

So, our companies integrated to allow users to leverage both platforms simultaneously, combining their review of evidence (Discovery Genie) with legal research queries (Casemaker).

This partnership provides:

  • The ability for lawyers to research and apply the law to the facts in their specific case from an integrated platform in real time.
  • Access to Casemaker content directly from Discovery Genie’s document review platform.
  • The power for litigators to follow their hunches and insights as they review the evidence in their case — without wasting precious time switching away from their review or making notes elsewhere and following up.
  • Cutting edge support tools that fit into a smaller firm’s financial model.
  • The future of Discovery. In three years every discovery platform will integrate with legal research. This will become the way that people practice law. But you can get it here right now. Why wait?

It does not provide:

  • Everything but the kitchen sink. Both Discovery Genie and Casemaker are designed for the 700,000+ litigators who do not have unlimited budgets and support. It’s for those of us who need up-to-date tools but don’t need all the complication, expense and frustration that comes with products that include everything but the kitchen sink.

Coming soon:

  • Webinars and CLEs to help you “Get the Law. Get the Facts.”

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