I know. I know. You went to law school because you were told there would be no math. And, yet: here we are. You’re running your own law firm, and you’re faced with numbers every day. You know what that’s called: cold reality.

You can’t wing it when it comes to law firm financials. In order to run a successful small law firm, you need to become a numbers guy, or gal. Your finances have to run on rails; you have to remain in control. To that end, visibility into your firm’s profitability, billing productivity and account receivables are your gateways to increased revenue.

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3:47 – Adding Financial Controls to Your Practice

5% of business revenue is lost through fraud or theft every year. Here are the accounting policies and anti-fraud methods every law firm should adopt to be less susceptible to loss. 

23:31 – Derive New Insights From Reporting Tools + KPIs

The more data you can capture in your law firm through active reporting the more you know. The following reports and KPIs will help you make informed decisions to run a more profitable business.

36:57 – Increase Revenue By Discerning Financial Trends

You could be leaving money on the table month after month without even knowing it. With reports and KPIs in place, it behooves you to look for and identify financial trends in your practice to make better business decisions month after month.

42:48 – Capture, Bill, and Collect More Time

Running an efficient law firm means being compensated for the entirety of your legal services. Employ these billing strategies and technologies to collect on every billable hour.

51:43 – Eliminate Accounts Receivable

If you’re not using ePayments, you’re missing out. Find out how Epayments enable you to get paid quicker and more easily at a cheaper cost to your firm than the alternative.


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