Let’s face it: the typical ediscovery setup is the opposite of social distancing. Lawyers travel to individual custodians’ offices, touching keyboards, screens, and desks as they collect data from their computers, phones, and other devices. They amass the collected data into a database for a horde of dozens, if not hundreds, of contract attorneys to pore over, seated monitor-to-monitor in a large review center where devices are often shared—and sneezed and coughed on—over multiple shifts and days. Senior review attorneys hover together over a monitor as they debate whether a document should be added to the privilege log. Simply put, business as usual in ediscovery is a recipe for disaster in the age of COVID-19.

Remote work and shelter-in-place orders fortunately make this kind of close contact impossible. But, with most of us working remotely, it’s simply impossible to proceed with ediscovery projects with our ordinary processes. Yet that doesn’t mean that our work can come to a standstill: clients still have expectations, and cases still have deadlines.

This is why you need a remote ediscovery solution that you can deploy in your pajamas (or in your Zoom-ready attire, with your business attire from the waist up: Walmart reports that it’s selling way more shirts than pants during the pandemic). This is why you need Lumix.

Why Lumix Is the Ideal eDiscovery Solution for a Pandemic

We designed Lumix as a one-stop shop for the entire ediscovery process—and we made it as intuitive and as simple as possible. In short, though we didn’t know it at the time, Lumix was engineered from the ground up to enable remote review during a pandemic like the one we’re facing now. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can access Lumix from any device—without any required infrastructure or proximity to servers—and get a new ediscovery project underway in mere minutes, without the need for training. (Even I, as a newbie to ediscovery, found it easy to use.)

It starts with our process for getting data into our software. You can upload your data directly on our straightforward web application. Or you can request access to our secure FTP site or send us a drive. Once the data is in our system, all you have to do is click a button to tell the software to start processing your information, and Lumix starts building your review database.

Despite its simplicity, Lumix is powered by an advanced filtering toolkit built on analytics and machine learning, so you can identify trends and patterns in your documents and organize them for an accelerated, streamlined review. Project administrators and reviewers have access to a panoply of features to simplify their work, including batching, filters, mass tagging, and redaction, plus an informative dashboard that provides continual updates on project status. The platform’s Document Assigner also ensures that remote teams will always have a new set of documents to review. When you’ve finished review, you can produce your documents in any format. And, if you need help along the way, our technical experts can help you troubleshoot, or we can connect you with seasoned ediscovery project managers if you need more guidance.

In short, Lumix puts extensive ediscovery tools and versatile workflows into every user’s hands—without the high and often unpredictable pricing of comparable platforms. And it puts all the power of a review team at your fingertips, ensuring your work can continue uninterrupted without compromising the quality of your review—or your health and safety.