Legal marketing and business development professionals regularly contend with a deluge of data and the complexities of working with hundreds of lawyers across multiple practices and offices. Without the right people, processes, and technology in place, it’s impossible to conduct meaningful and actionable analysis. Choosing the right technology can empower marketing and business development staff to not only streamline administrative functions, but also quickly identify the lawyers with the experience and expertise required to successfully pitch, staff, close, and expand new business.


Finnegan wins the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award

By deploying Intapp Experience, Finnegan achieved the visibility and agility required to differentiate itself in the marketplace and achieve competitive advantage. As a result, the firm recently won the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award for Business of Law.

Terra Liddell, CMO of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP, talked about how the implementation of Intapp Experience has made a direct impact on user adoption and other key performance indicators.

Finnegan’s experience before choosing Intapp

Before implementing Intapp Experience, Finnegan was using a homegrown system and a series of spreadsheets to capture the firm’s prior work and technical experience. Without direct access to the data, lawyers had to route all queries through the marketing team, creating a slow process that compromised timely responses to clients and opportunities. “With the amount of information we were tracking, we needed a more dynamic and professional-facing solution,” said Liddell.

Unable to draw insights from siloed data, the firm’s marketing leaders realized that Intapp Experience was the only solution that could bridge the gaps between the firm’s intake, conflicts, CRM, budgeting, and billing systems as well as its website content. By integrating confidential internal data with external information and relationship intelligence, Finnegan could extract valuable context and game-changing insights. In effect, Intapp Experience could put the right information in front of the right people while the window of opportunity remained open.

Expanding Intapp Experience usage across the firm

Finnegan currently maintains nearly 3,000 case records, and — as a result of the Intapp Experience deployment — the marketing department has significantly improved its response time. The efficiencies achieved have afforded the opportunity to apply resources to Phase Two improvements around knowledge management and access to experts. In addition to the firm’s marketing and business development staff, 30% of Finnegan’s IP professional staff and lawyers now use Intapp Experience daily.

Liddell said, “In a highly competitive marketplace, Finnegan’s ability to use and process its data quickly and effectively represents a fundamental strategic differentiator and provides a distinct advantage.”


Advancing mission-critical workflows across the client lifecycle

As the direct result of the firm’s implementation of Intapp Experience, Finnegan was awarded the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award in the Business of Law category. Finnegan’s successful implementation of Intapp Experience allows the firm to propel mission-critical workflows throughout the client lifecycle, including new-business pitching, matter management and expansion, and team assembly. With access to rich data on expertise and qualifications within the firm, Finnegan is able to leverage its talent pool to differentiate its value, win business, and expand engagements.

“As a leading IP law firm, Finnegan needs to showcase the knowledge and insight its lawyers bring to every engagement and put relevant information about professionals, cases, clients, and matters to use,” said Liddell. “By capturing a deeper level of insight via Intapp Experience, Finnegan can turn capabilities into outcome and business-based discussions with clients and prospects.”

Learn more about how Intapp Experience provided Finnegan with a reliable, one-stop source of searchable information on professionals, cases, matters, and clients: Read the Finnegan case study.

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