LexisNexis responded to the coronavirus pandemic this morning with two free resources designed to keep legal and business professionals better informed about the legal issues surrounding COVID-19 — one a dedicated page on Law360 with legal news updates, and the other a coronavirus resource kit for lawyers.

Law360, which is a subscription news service owned by LexisNexis, has opened a free coronavirus page with news, in-depth features and expert analysis and commentary related to COVID-19 and the law.

It says its coverage will illuminate how the global pandemic is impacting the legal industry and the practice of law, as well as the U.S. court system, federal agencies, industries, businesses and more.

Topics will include:

  • Courts: Rulings, impacted cases, an interactive map of U.S. court closings and more.
  • Legal industry: Impact on law firms and their clients, insights from legal practitioners and experts.
  • Practice areas: Employment, insurance, securities, M&A, contracts, and more.
  • Industries: Banking/finance, travel, hospitality, entertainment, pharmaceutical and more.
  • Government: New legislation, travel and trade restrictions, loans/tax relief, and more.
  • Global: Impact across major European (and Asian) markets and industries.

LexisNexis also launched the Lexis Practice Advisor Coronavirus Resource Kit, designed for U.S. attorneys and covering a range of topics across multiple practice areas.

At this point, the resource kit consists of just a small handful of articles, but LexisNexis says it will be continually updating the kit with new resources.

The Law360 page can be accessed without registration required. The Resource Kit requires registration but is free.