These are unprecedented times.

We are all being challenged to do things in new ways while
simultaneously feeling uncertain and anxious about how the
Coronavirus and the economy may affect our families, our communities and

For me, the uncertainty has created a desire to protect the
things I’ve worked hard to build and to find and focus on the things I can

I can’t control the virus or the stock market or the future.
But I can take action right now to help both my law practice and Discovery
Genie move forward. I hope to help you do the same.

I know from personal experience that Discovery Genie can
help recession-proof a litigation practice by mitigating the time and cost required
by the document production process. Using the Genie saves my firm and clients
75-90% of the cost of document production, while allowing me to focus my
professional resources on high-value services to help win my client’s cases.

I have also shored up my law practice by canceling my expensive legal research subscription and adopting Casemaker, which is free through the Bar Association—and which integrates with Discovery Genie to help me get the law and get the facts, all on a single platform.

If you’d like to take affirmative steps to recession-proof your practice, adopting time- and money-saving tools like Discovery Genie is an easy starting place. Effective technologies are like sharpening your axe, instead of the exhausting alternative of taking more swings.

If you’re a litigator ready to focus on something other than the anxiety, I invite you to schedule an hour-long zoom call. In that hour, you tell us about your firm’s discovery needs and we’ll quickly and efficiently teach you how to tailor Discovery Genie to your specific practice. Or, if you prefer, you can learn about Discovery Genie at your own pace using our online tutorials and on-demand support.

Yes, it is a challenge to balance our response to overwhelming
external events against the immediate needs of our livelihoods, our communities
and our world. But we can do it, one simplification at a time.

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