Work from home (WFH) has become the new normal for non essential workers in today’s global economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. While a new concept for “on-location” employees, others in the professional services community have been practicing and conducting business remotely for years. Here, we talk to Intapp’s WFH pros and newbies about their workstyle in this new economy. Some even share photos of their at-home set-up to provide inspiration.  We hope you enjoy these first-person accounts and share your at-home work set up with us, as well! Send us a note or share a picture on our LinkedIn or Twitter. We look forward to admiring them!


Work from home hacks from the professional services community

Gabe Shaughnessy, Digital Marketing Manager, Intapp

Working virtually for 3 years
Home office: Remote (Portland, OR)


#1 benefit: Being able to go where life takes you, and having flexibility

#1 challenge:
Staying connected with coworkers and projects outside of my immediate circle

WFH tip:
Have a dedicated space that you work so you can keep distractions out and leave when you need a break.

Alex Larralde, Director, Customer Advocacy & Community Engagement, Intapp

Working virtually for almost 3 years
Home office: Remote (Portland, OR)


#1 benefit: No commute! Mornings in my households are much less chaotic, since I’m not rushing out the door. I can have a cup of coffee and ease into things, even if my calls start at 7 a.m.

#1 challenge:
My home is my office, and my office is my home. I’m lucky to have a dedicated room with a door where I can “enter” the work environment, but sometimes it’s much harder to leave it.

WFH tip:
Create a dedicated workspace if you can. It’s really important to be comfortable, and have everything you need to get your job done within reach. I can’t understate the importance of a good chair, and a desk or work surface that sits at the appropriate height. I personally like to surround myself with photos of my family and things that make me happy and calm like candles and crystals.

Dan Harsell, Co-Founder of Intapp, SVP, Technology Engineering Management

Working virtually for about 2 weeks
Home office: Palo Alto, CA

#1 benefit: Lower chance of catching/spreading COVID-19.

#1 challenge:
My 8-year old son yelling and screaming in the background while I am on a call.

WFH tip:
I am too new to this, but I’ll take any tips I can get!

Ryan Dillon, Director, Analytics, Intapp

Working virtually for about 2 weeks. “I live less than 20 minutes from the office, so this is all new to me.”
Home office: Palo Alto, CA


#1 benefit: Working remotely allows me to better control my environment and focus on a project that needs my uninterrupted attention.

#1 challenge:
I work with a lot of code, data, and numbers. Since I don’t have a legitimate set up at my house, I’m not able to be spoiled by multiple-screens, which provide me the screen real estate needed to be efficient.

WFH tip:
Try to work near a window, if possible and reasonable.

Maria Goldfinch, Office Manager, Intapp

Working virtually for about 2 weeks
Home office: London


#1 benefit: No distractions, I feel I can be more productive and get more tasks done.

#1 challenge: Taking regular breaks, before you know it a whole morning has gone by and you haven’t had a glass of water or a cup of coffee!

WFH tip:
Communicate with your colleagues and take regular breaks, to help prevent cabin fever

Andrew Hutchinson, PGL, Marketing & BD Practice, Intapp

Working virtually for 12 years
Home office: Remote (Toronto, Canada)

Andrew’s discerning colleague

#1 benefit:
Less distractions make it easier to get the job done.

#1 challenge: No one to high five when you close a deal.

WFH tip:
Make sure you get exercise and get out of the house.

Look out for a part 2 of this WFH series, where we talk to other professional services influencers and learn how they conduct business virtually.

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