In two online workshops (April 16 and April 22), I’ll be helping Mike Cappucci and Dean Khialani of FoundationLab (I’m on their Advisory Board) facilitate a free virtual workshop called “Beyond Ideas.”

If you are an innovator in law or have some great ideas that you want to move on the next stage, I encourage you to join us.

I have described innovation as both a discipline and a practice. Foundationlab’s approach gives you a way to systematically move from the idea stage, where most of the focus seems to be and where we too often get stuck, to the validation and testing phase, which is essential if you want to de-risk your innovation efforts and increase your odds of finding and funding winning projects.

Here’s the description:

Beyond Ideas: discovering opportunities for legal professionals in the wake of COVID-19.


The world has been turned upside down by the outbreak of COVID-19. All industries have been and will continue to be affected. How will this global pandemic shape the future of the legal industry? And more importantly, what NEW opportunities will the evolving environment present to the legal professional?


(1) Learn how to advance an idea from its genesis to its viability as a business opportunity with greater certainty, in an uncertain time.

(2) Collaborate with peers from around the globe to move beyond ideas, and begin validating new opportunities for legal professionals.

(3) In a global economic slowdown, gain the confidence to use this newfound space to be highly creative.


This immersive, virtual workshop will push you beyond brainstorming ideas. Over the course of two, 90 minute sessions – you will:

  • Learn to shape your ideas and identify the areas of greatest risk.
  • Be exposed to experiment design as a method for testing your ideas.
  • Develop a baseline understanding of the validation journey, designed to gather evidence and mitigate risk at each stage.

This workshop will span TWO 90 minute sessions: April 16 @1pm EST and April 22 @1pm EST. Register here.

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It should be both productive and fun. Many of us have tons of new ideas these days. This workshop might be just what you need to take your best ideas on the road to reality.

Register here.


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