Eenie meenie miney mo…  I’ll assume you know the rest. Yes, I still use  nursery rhymes to help me make decisions.  Partially due to having a 3 year-old, the other part, sometimes it just works. “Which cookie should I order at the bakery?” or “Salad or cheeseburger for lunch?” or “Which ediscovery tool is best for my business?” 

Okay, fine.  That last statement is written in jest. However, with an ediscovery market saturated with similar products and services, it may not be far from the truth for many. 

In the early days of my own ediscovery education, I couldn’t make heads or tails of all of the ediscovery software and companies out there. They all seemed to do the same thing.  And everyone seemed to have the same complaints.  Had someone written a rule book on how ediscovery tools were allowed to work? I wanted to understand why. Was it a conspiracy?

What I found was totally…. wait for it…..  Unexciting.  It just happened to be a niche industry that needed  a good jolt of innovation.  Like other specialized industries, personal relationships were enough to keep partnerships alive. Even when the product or services fell a bit, well, short. 

An example is the wide acceptance of slow data processing in a review platform. If you want it fast, you’ll need to outsource it to a company who specializes in that. Scalability is another example of an accepted pain-point. A firm may be able to handle 50gb of data, but when they suddenly face a 1TB matter, they find themselves scrambling to find an alternative solution.

Meet Lumix.  

Lumix is an ediscovery tool that offers all users, regardless of previous experience, the opportunity to shine in the world of ediscovery.


So you’re a legal pro, and don’t feel like you have the time, or resources, to become adept at using the tools available?

Lumix offers a straightforward, easy-to-use, web-based solution that opens the door for many who have avoided incorporating legal technology in their practices thus far. 


Are slow data uploads, limited file types and crawling processing times creating expenses that are pricing-out your clients?

Lumix eliminates the time and costs associated with data processing, and allows you to better serve your smaller clients while effectively managing their budgets. Lumix’s speed and flexibility make taking on larger matters a breeze, as well!


Does your ediscovery process require moving data from system to system, or system-to vendor-to system, stretching the amount of time your ediscovery takes?

Lumix is a one-stop-shop solution that allows you to access each step of your ediscovery, without worrying about how your data is being handled in transitions. Simplified and streamlined processes and procedures are the result.


Does your firm tend to work with cases of similar size and complexity? Do  you have a niche, or are you limiting yourselves based on what your resources allow? 

Lumix allows you to take on any size and complexity of matter, helping to level the playing field and encourage your firm’s growth. 

Customer Service

Personal relationships are important. They make people feel comfortable, and can help keep channels of communication open. They have also kept many lackluster businesses afloat. Who are you working with?

Lumix offers better support, more knowledgeable ediscovery support staff, and quick software development and bug fixes to help keep your business moving towards its goals. 

Technology that works the way you need it too, at a speed that keeps things moving, allows easy budgeting, and is paired with an exceptional customer service experience. Don’t you deserve that?

Email us to talk about Lumix. 

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