The eDisclosure Systems – Buyers Guide – 2020 Edition

Authored by litigation support and eDisclosure expert Andrew Haslam, the eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide – 2020 Edition provides an overview of key technology considerations, industry approaches, and vendor capabilities regarding the discipline of eDisclosure (eDiscovery).  Covering topics from the EDRM Model to vendor service and software analysis, the guide provides a complete and credible resource for legal and IT professionals seeking to understand and apply eDisclosure (eDiscovery) concepts, processes, techniques, and tools.

“The Guide has become an industry bible. The latest edition features 111 suppliers and 75 products, reflecting an additional 12 companies and seven new applications. The 492 page PDF can be downloaded directly from the Legal IT Insider website.“

Provided below is a copy of the guide for online consideration. (Updated April 2020)


The guide can be directly downloaded at eDisclosure Systems – Buyers Guide 2020 Edition.

Additional considerations, comments, and commendations can be shared with the author (Andrew Haslam) at

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