Editors Note: From time to time ComplexDiscovery highlights educational resources available to data discovery and legal discovery professionals seeking to gain and maintain knowledge and skills in the discipline of eDiscovery. The EDI Distance Learning Initiative is one of those resources as it provides expert training and education with ease of access and astounding affordability.

The Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI) Distance Learning Initiative

An extract from the EDI Distance Learning Initiative website (shared with permission).

EDI’s Distance Learning Initiative is an online, educational endeavor designed to engage practitioners and students to meet their ethical obligation of maintaining requisite knowledge and skill in the ever-evolving world of legal technology. This program’s carefully curated, interview-style course-curriculum provides users with a structured learning platform that leverages technology to make its research and scholarship accessible to those unable to attend in-person lectures. This program offers unprecedented access to a diverse and distinguished faculty of more than 100 of the nation’s leading judges, attorneys, information management professionals, technology experts, and litigation support professionals. Each course harnesses the depth and range of the faculty’s expertise to offer instruction that is both unique and comprehensive.

Providing an affordable education for all, a $1 registration fee provides a year’s access to 40 EDI Distance Learning Initiative core courses. The current course catalog to include direct links to course descriptions, class outlines, and course comments are provided for your consideration.

Current Course Catalog (Updated April 30, 2020)

About the EDI Distance Learning Initiative

Learn more about the EDI Distance Learning Initiative today at LawInstitute.org.

About the Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI)

Founded in November of 2006, the Electronic Discovery Institute (“EDI”) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education, leadership, service, advocacy, and research at the intersection of law and technology. The EDI community comprises corporate counsel, private practitioners, judges, professors of law and science, consultants, technologists, and experts.

Learn more about the EDI today at EDiscoveryInstitute.org.

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