Updated Website Drives Cincinnati Law Firm Success

Blessings & Wallace Law is a Cincinnati based law firm dedicated to supporting the local community during their times of need. With practice areas ranging from civil litigation to estate planning, Blessings & Wallace has built a highly qualified team of professionals focusing on providing compassionate representation. 

While the team is focused on excellence, they felt that their website wasn’t giving them the perception they desired. Instead of lending credibility and showing their expertise, it was plagued with outdated design and a lack of focused direction.

After coming up with an action plan, we went to work in building Blessings & Wallace the website they deserved.

Conveying Credibility

The first problem that we focused on was the issue of credibility. While Blessings & Wallace have the experience to lend them credibility in the legal space, we wanted to ensure that a new website visitor would be able to quickly establish them as a competent and caring law firm. 

We tackled this problem by establishing perceived credibility through the visuals and messaging presented on the website. We made sure to include quality headshots of each team member and imagery that represented the local Cincinnati area. 

Colors and branding assets were chosen specifically with the intention to convey trustworthiness and honesty. Using a consistent color palette and traditional font pairings give a new website visitor a feeling of trust.

We used compelling copy to capitalize on the firm’s achievements and show their continued efforts in the local area. Everything together contributes to the credibility of the firm.

Generating New Business

Blessings & Wallace Law were frustrated that their website wasn’t generating new business.

We helped to solve that problem by being crystal clear about the practice areas that Blessings and Wallace work in. We laid out each practice area both on the home page and on it’s own respective “Practice Area” page. Each practice area has an eye-catching image and a short but detailed description of what falls under its umbrella. 

We also included a brief line or two within each attorney’s biography page that includes what that particular attorney specializes in. 

By laying out all of this information in a clear and concise manner, prospective clients can easily see what they need assistance with and who can help them.

Converting New Clients

The Blessings & Wallace Law firm had trouble converting website visitors into new clients. 

We knew when beginning this project that by tackling some of the aforementioned problems, this one would solve itself. Even so, we took special care to include proactive strategies for converting web visitors into new clients.

We made it easy for site visitors to find contact information by including the phone number for the firm directly into the site header. We also included many links to the contact page throughout each page of the website in addition to more specific contact information in each attorney’s bio page.

Additionally, we created a comprehensive contact page. We included the basic contact information (phone number, email) while also including an interactive map and street address. Throughout our intentional site design, we have made it easy for site visitors to contact Blessings and Wallace Law firm and become new clients.

Want These Results?

The Blessings & Wallace Law firm hired the award-winning web design experts at Conroy Consults, which is a marketing firm focused on providing custom, agency level law firm website design along with killer technology. The website incorporates the most up-to-date web design trends and technology such as WordPress CMS development, responsive design, user-friendly, automated search engine optimization (SEO), and a stunning design that inspires potential clients to take action.

Bring enhanced credibility and professionalism to your online presence with our custom website services.


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