As firms begin to adapt to new ways of working, we know that you’re facing a number of ongoing challenges. To help you better connect with one another and your clients in these uncharted times, Intapp is honored to offer our world-class technology, expertise, service, and support to our community.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Intapp has created a client-care program to support professionals and firms: We’re offering Intapp Flow free of charge for a full year, complete with five new automated workflows and the opportunity to create custom workflows using Intapp Flow free for 6 months. In addition, the Intapp Professional Services team can support customization and implementation at 50% off service rates for a limited time.

Eliminate the Burden of Manual Processes

Manual processes have always been cumbersome and challenging for most firms. And now, the added complications — working from home, remote communication, and virtual collaboration — all demand new ways of working, and new ways of managing workflows.

Firms have been forced to quickly create and deploy ad hoc, manual, error-prone processes using the tools at hand: emails, Microsoft Word documents, and phone calls. Disconnected processes like these often result in confusing, frustrating experiences, and suffer from limited security and scattered audit trails.

Automating manual tasks and processes across the client engagement lifecycle offers more than simple business continuity; it delivers real value to both the firm and its clients.

Leverage Prebuilt Workflows

This free offer includes five prebuilt, automated workflows:



Voluntary self-reporting

Enable employees to self-report health status and return-to-work readiness, and initiate workflows to help managers address employee and firm needs.

Localized communications

Distribute the right message at the right time to keep employees safe and informed.

IT and Operations

Work-from-home support

Capture and track requests for equipment, supplies and tools along with associated costs.

Back-to-work management

Coordinate your employees’ return-to-work plans and in-office capacity across your office network.


Finance approvals

Streamline A/R and prebill write-downs and fee arrangement approvals with easy-to-use forms and notifications.


Experience World-Class Client Care

In conjunction with free use of our custom, prebuilt workflows, Intapp is providing an array of other valuable resources:

  • One year of unlimited development access to the Intapp Flow cloud service
  • Six months of unlimited production use of Intapp Flow for other custom workflows
  • Free access to targeted online training, best practices sessions, and the Intapp Flow client community
  • Discounted expert implementation services to deploy firm-specific workflows and support customization.

Leverage the Power of Intapp Flow

Purpose-built for the professional services industry, Intapp Flow gives your firm the power to build and automate workflows, and to respond to tasks and requests, even on the go. You can create external workflows to engage clients as part of your process, liberating your team to work on value-added client activities.

Intapp Flow offers form creation, assignment, notification, and tracking — all using an intuitive, web-based interface designed and optimized for speed and simplicity. Learn more about Intapp Flow.

Stabilize Today, Innovate for Tomorrow

Now more than ever, firms must not only respond to client and firm needs but also innovate along the way. Forward-thinking firms can also take the opportunity to set new priorities: to connect people in new ways and to build in agility. During this time, automation — with a purpose-built workflow toolbox — will help firms set the stage for a stronger future — and Intapp is here to help.

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