If you were to sit in on any of the daily virtual town halls at SurePoint Technologies you would be familiar with the phrase, “Our community is everything”.  For each of us at SurePoint, this core principle guides everything we do. Trusted by more than 300 law firms and 50,000+ legal professionals, law firms rely on the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS) to drastically improve workflow and maximize financial performance. We work to make each client’s life easier and thereby empower them to transform the industry.

This principle also drives our unwavering commitment and passion to make a positive impact in our communities. Each of our employees is united by this purpose. In the month of April, SurePoint employees banded together to donate $21,000 to the Freestore Foodbank through their Virtual Food Drive. Those donations will be converted into approximately 62,940 meals for those in need during one of the most difficult periods in generations.

When asked about the virtual food drive, Amy Broughton, VP of People for SurePoint Technologies detailed her experience. “Community is at the heart of everything we do as an organization. Whether it’s the legal professionals who log in to our systems every day, our own team members or our neighbors, support and community are fundamental to our mission. Our team really pulled together to make a difference in a meaningful way that will bring a tremendous amount of good to those in need. I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished together.”

The Freestore Foodbank provides support services and more than 30 million nutritious meals to those in need every year. (https://freestorefoodbank.org/about-us) Through their efforts, thousands of men, women and children are provided the support they need in the Cincinnati, Kentucky and Indiana tri-state area. If you would like to learn more about how you can support the Freestore Foodbank or Feeding America visit https://freestorefoodbank.org or https://feedingamerica.org.