First-of-Its-Kind Cloud-Based Data Analytics Platform Offers Law Firm Executives and Attorneys Critical Insight into Performance

CINCINNATI, OH (June 4, 2020) – SurePoint Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions to law firms, announced today the launch of SurePoint View , an easy-to-use data analytics dashboard enabling attorneys and law firm management to gain essential insight at a glance into the metrics that drive business success. SurePoint View’s seven dashboards – each extensively tailored to a specific user category – feature clear, intuitive and interactive visualizations for tracking current activity against financial and other targets, making historical comparisons and future projections, identifying top clients, gauging attorney productivity, and more – all with a single click or two.

“We’re proud to introduce a comprehensive cloud-based business analytics solution designed to meet the highly specific needs of the legal industry. SurePoint View solves a problem that has long frustrated even the most successful mid-market law firms: a reliance on time-consuming, ad hoc reporting that gives most attorneys little insight into what their piece of the overall puzzle looks like. Nor do they know where to go to find out,” said Tom Obermaier, Chief Executive Officer at SurePoint. “SurePoint View connects users at all levels with the data necessary to make informed decisions, from associates looking to ensure they’re on track with their billable hours and collection realization to chief financial officers who need a dozen pieces of information at their fingertips to effectively evaluate firm performance at any given point in time.”

Added Zach Brenner, Vice President, Product Development at SurePoint: “We designed SurePoint View to be an intuitive and user-friendly product that would quickly become indispensable to tech-savvy and tech-challenged attorneys alike. SurePoint has consistently been ahead of the curve in predicting what law firms want and need, and we’re pleased to introduce a solution that meets the modern needs of traditional law firms as well as the increasingly virtual legal workforce.”

Managing Partner Dashboard

SurePoint View integrates seamlessly with SurePoint’s Legal Management System (LMS) and is included for customers with SaaS subscriptions, who will appreciate a familiar look and feel while enjoying significantly expanded capabilities enabled by the new dashboards. Users are granted access to the dashboard aligned with their role, each of which was designed in consultation with two dozen SurePoint community user groups to be as relevant and user-friendly as possible. The dashboards include: Billing Attorney, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Partner, Supervising Associate, Supervising Partner, Working Associate, and Working Partner.

“Bailey & Glasser has been beta testing SurePoint View for several months now and we think it will prove a real game-changer,” said J.Roger Shealy, Chief Financial Officer of Bailey & Glasser, LLP. “With SurePoint View we will be able to significantly slash the amount of time staff spend creating financial reports and our leaders spend analyzing the firm’s performance, and more rapidly identify challenges and the steps we can take to resolve them. As for other attorneys, the consensus across the board seems to be that they will feel more on top of things because they will now get instant individual insight and will better know where to focus their attention.”

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