As states across the US lift restrictions on non-essential businesses and shelter in place orders, law firms are beginning to reopen their doors. But with public health concerns still looming, attorneys must exercise caution and adopt new operational protocols when repopulating their offices. In our recent webinar panel, attorneys Todd Spodek and Mark Metzger shared their approaches to reopening and resuming standard operations with a focus on the safety of their staff and clients.

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3:10 – What is the Status of Your Office as it Relates to Reopening?

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether or not they should reopen their physical offices, and if so, how to do so conscientiously. Mark and Todd reveal the state of their New York and Chicago offices with insight into their reopening plans for the foreseeable future.

8:55 – What is Your Ideal Scenario for Reopening?

With client and staff safety paramount to the continuity of your business, there are a host of factors to consider before fully repopulating your physical office(s). Here’s how firms erring on the side of caution are approaching their eventual reopening and as well as how they’re keeping their businesses fully operational and competitive in the meantime.

20:53 – What Are Your Plans for the Physical Workspace?

With real estate being a major operational expense for law firms — particularly during COVID-19 — attorneys are re-evaluating the way in which they utilize their office space to meet with clients and collaborate with staff. Find out what Mark and Todd are doing to safely prepare their offices and why downsizing physical space may be a wise decision for inner-city practices.

37:35 – What New Policies Will You Be Implementing In Your Office Upon Reopening?

Ongoing health and safety concerns have unearthed additional challenges when it comes to serving clients, collaborating with staff, and managing cases. Here’s what protocol attorneys are implementing in their firms to meet the “new normal” of practice management head-on with the wellbeing of staff and clients in mind.

39:55 – How Have Client Expectations Changed?

Legal clients, as it turns out, are far more resilient and adaptive to change than previously anticipated. Hear what Todd and Mark have to say about enhanced virtual interaction with clients and offering white-glove service despite restricted contact. 

49:26 – What Advice Would You Offer Firms Who Are Considering Reopening?

Clients and staff look to lawyers as leaders; that’s the dynamic of the relationship. Todd and Mark explain how to build partnerships and trust to support this dynamic in the context of reopening your office.

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