We are very proud to announce that AUTTO has been approved as a SILVER TIER partner for the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Citizen Developer Partner Program. Joining this partner program means AUTTO now forms part of several organisations around the world that aim to empower those wanting to change the future of work.

PMI aims to unlock the full potential of citizen development, the greatest enabler of change of a generation.

The increase in citizen development is part of the trend towards the democratisation of IT – people who don’t sit in the IT department are able to access sophisticated technical capabilities without technical or development training.

We believe that automation has a vital role to play in shaping the future of work at the hands of the citizen developer. Automation can have massive cost reduction implications as well as freeing up the workforce’s time, to focus on matters that need vital human input.

Our clients have found that no-code platforms like AUTTO can unleash a new wave of tech development, powered by knowledge workers using their skills and expertise as citizen developers. This is what will digitise the enterprise. But it needs a governance and project framework in which to operate within the business. We are delighted to partner with the PMI as they provide this framework and skills,” said Ian Gosling, CEO and Founder of AUTTO. 

“Congratulations to all at AUTTO for achieving Silver tier of the PMI Citizen Developer Partner Program”, said Claire Sanders, Partner Program Manager at Project Management Institute (PMI). “Organisations like AUTTO are supporting the democratisation of technology using low-code and no-code tools to benefit Citizen Developers across the globe. AUTTO’s dedication to aligning to the PMI Citizen Developer standards, guardrails and best practices is paving the way for increased efficiencies for individuals and organisations adopting low-code and no-code technology.”

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