PacerPro, a company that provides federal court data automation and experience capture for law firms, today launched a service focused on state court data, StatePro, offering access to 32 state courts initially and more to be added throughout this year and next.

In addition, PacerPro has named Noah Aron, an expert in electronic court filings and the former chief product officer of Nationwide Legal LLC and One Legal, as an advisor to manage the company’s state courts expansion.

Aron’s experience with e-filing products and as an advisor to the National Center for State Courts will accelerate the continued expansion of StatePro, the company said.

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Also helping to drive PacerPro’s state court expansion is its partnership with File & ServeXpress, a company that provides electronic filing and electronic service in a number of states and the District of Columbia. The partnership enables PacerPro to get case filings to a law firm’s full case team within seconds. The partnership provides exclusive access to several jurisdictions, including Delaware.

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PacerPro said it will continue to expand its state court coverage with quarterly updates through 2023, fueled by the company’s $5 million Series C funding round last year.

In a recent interview, Gavin McGrane, PacerPro’s founder and CEO, said that automation of court docket data for law firms is often challenging. Different courts work with different — often multiple — electronic filing service providers (EFSPs) and case management systems. While a firm may be able to upload documents to a court through the EFSP, the court typically communicates back to the firms through the CMS.

That leaves firms without automated access to and capture of the entire set of court documents and notices — and that is the problem PacerPro aims to solve through StatePro.

“Managing case files is the type of work that should be standardized and automated,” McGrane said. “Firms should have access to as complete a solution as possible, providing both federal and state coverage.”

PacerPro’s technology delivers PDF copies of court filings to case teams in real-time, eliminating the need for legal professionals and support staff to manually download, label and distribute the documents. It also automatically saves the documents to the correct client-matter workspace on a firm’s document management system.

“The legal marketplace has come to the point where automation of workflow-related tasks is getting greater traction,” McGrane said. “At the end of the day, firms that automate court workflows end up with better data and better systems to serve their clients.”

[Disclosure: I am a member of the PacerPro advisory board, for which I receive compensation from the company.]