The Fall Zola product update is packed with new, and much anticipated features. Keep reading to learn how you can improve your workflow, and your client experience, directly within Zola Suite.

client texting dashboard
Client texting dashboard

Client Texting: Keep the conversation going directly from Zola Suite

Zola Suite client texting allows Zola users to communicate with clients via text within the Zola platform. Zola users can share critical information with clients directly to their smartphones without needing to jump between applications or devices, maximizing their billable time while keeping their communications in one, consolidated platform.  For more details on how to use client texting, please read our help center article.

Platform Enhancements: Increased performance to support your largest workloads

The Zola product team spent months designing improvements to the Zola Suite platform to increase reporting speed and overall performance for our customers. Firms with larger datasets will realize an overall improvement in the speed of the platform, especially when processing large reports making your monthly tasks easier than ever.

contact cloning

New dropdown option for contact cloning

Contact Cloning: Time savings for all firm members

Quickly create a new contact entry by replicating an existing contact and modifying select contact information. This feature is especially useful for family law firms who have multiple family members in the same household that each require their own, individual contact record. For more details on how to use contact cloning, please read our help center article.

batch check printing

Batch check printing selection page

Batch Check Printing: Streamline your end-of-month tasks

Office staff now have precise control to select the specific checks they want to print, download them into a bulk PDF file, and send them off to the printer with just a few clicks. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! For more information on batch check printing, please read our help center article.

Sub Accounting: More granular reporting for deeper insight

Allows accounts to be sub-divided for reporting purposes, for example, a law firm may create trust liability sub-accounts for individual clients or detailed client costs or income, etc.

APX Disbursement Report: Easier reconciliation for payments within Zola

Comprehensive report that provides information about all transactions and funds collected and disbursed to your bank account.

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