What do you get when you combine one of the leading intranet portals for larger law firms with the expertise of a consulting firm that has been building and implementing intranets for decades?

The answer, according to an announcement today, is a pre-designed, state-of-the-art intranet portal that can be deployed in just weeks, either as an enhancement to a firm’s existing portal or as a replacement for a legacy portal.

The new product, Handshake ConnectX, has been developed through a partnership between Aderant, a global provider of business management software for law firms, and Fireman & Company, a legal-industry management consulting firm that was acquired last March by Epiq, a global company that provides technology-enabled services to the legal industry and corporations. 

Handshake ConnextX is built on Aderant’s Handshake platform while leveraging Fireman & Company’s decades of experience building some of the legal industry’s most innovative and award-winning intranets, the companies say.

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They describe Handshake ConnectX as a next-level extension of Aderant’s out-of-the-box Handshake Connect intranet solution, and they say it can be deployed to create a new firm intranet in weeks versus months. It can also be deployed as an add-on enhancement for current Handshake customers or as a full replacement of a firm’s legacy intranet.

According to the announcement, Handshake ConnectX combines the features of the Handshake toolkit, which includes an extensive line of business integrations, with Fireman & Company’s state-of-the-art intranet designs and expertise.

“The product will provide firms with an accelerated, high-performance intranet platform that features the leading practices from both companies,” the announcement says. “Handshake ConnectX allows firms to take advantage of decades of learned best practices from Fireman & Company while surfacing data from disparate business systems through Handshake technology.”

Aderant President and CEO Chris Cartrett said that Fireman & Company’s designs are the gold standard when it comes to creating customized legal portals.

“Many law firms want intranets built their way, but they don’t have the resources to build expensive, fully customized portals,” Cartrett said. “Handshake ConnectX combines Aderant’s proven Handshake technology with Fireman’s substantial knowledge of law firms and client relationships. We are excited for the speed and cost benefits this brings to the legal market.”

Tom Baldwin, managing director at Fireman & Company, said, “We recognize the growing need for an intranet offering that allows firms to take advantage of our best practices, where they don’t have the resources for a fully custom solution. Handshake ConnectX is the best of both worlds – designed by Fireman, powered by Handshake.”