Editor’s Note: The eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey is a non-scientific quarterly survey that shares insight into the business confidence of individuals working in the eDiscovery ecosystem. The survey consists of nine core questions on factors related to the creation, delivery, and consumption of eDiscovery products and services purposed toward cyber, data, and legal discovery tasks. Additionally, the survey contains three optional questions focused on the business operational metrics of days sales outstanding (DSO), monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and customer revenue distribution. 

Industry Survey

The Winter 2023 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey Results

Final Results

The quarterly eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey has been administered twenty-nine times since early 2016, with 2,939 individual responses from eDiscovery industry professionals. The survey provides valuable insight into the current business confidence of cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals in the eDiscovery ecosystem. Today ComplexDiscovery shares the observations and opinions of industry analysts and observers, reporters and communicators, and law firm and legal department experts and consultants on the eDiscovery business climate in the winter of 2023.
The winter 2023 survey response period was initiated on January 22, 2023, and continued until January 27, 2023. The survey was highlighted and promoted primarily by direct email from ComplexDiscovery and the EDRM to cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals.
This quarter’s survey experienced a strong* response rate with 65 eDiscovery professionals sharing their opinions on the business of eDiscovery. While individual answers to the survey are confidential, the aggregate and unfiltered results are published to highlight the business confidence of participants regarding economic factors impacting the creation, delivery, and consumption of eDiscovery products and services during the winter of 2023. These results may be useful to legal, information technology, and business professionals seeking to better understand current and potential future business conditions as shared by survey participants.

Business Confidence Questions (Required)

n = 65 Respondents
1. Which of the following segments best describes your business in eDiscovery?
Part of the eDiscovery ecosystem where your organization resides  
  • Law Firm – 33.8% ↑
  • Software or Services Provider – 18.5% ↓
  • Other – 16.9% ↑
  • Consultancy – 13.8% ↑
  • Corporation – 12.3% ↓
  • Media/Research – 4.6% ↑
  • Governmental Entity – 0.0% ↓
Survey Respondents by Organizational Segment – Winter 2023

2. How would you rate the current general business conditions for eDiscovery in your segment?
Subjective feeling of business performance when compared with business expectations  
  • Good – 36.9.% ↓
  • Normal – 56.9% ↑
  • Bad – 6.2% ↑
Current Business Climate Overview – Winter 2023

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