We’ve all heard about the dwindling attention span of Internet users. Sure, “snackable” content on TikTok and Instagram is definitely easier to digest. But sometimes you need something a bit more nourishing and substantive than a short caption or a 15-second video. 

Enter long-form content. You can generate serious business and SEO benefits with long-form content. In fact, we recommend that firms double down on their commitment to this important type of website content.

When it comes to optimizing for search engines, creating value for your website visitors, and seeding opportunities for conversions, long-form content simply can’t be beat. Long-form content is here to stay. 

We’ll define long-form content, dissect why long-form content matters, how to create compelling content that converts, and how to incorporate long-form content into your content strategy.

What is long-form content?

Word count is the obvious determinant here. There’s no magic number that separates a standard blog post from long-form content, but “long” typically means at least 1,000 words in the context of online content.

Format matters, too. Long-form content usually takes the form of a downloadable eBook, a cornerstone article, or a comprehensive guide that lives on your website. It could even be a podcast or a webinar. It’s a deep dive into a complex topic, covering a lot of ground and offering a lot of answers on related topics. 

Function is the final key to unlocking the magic of long-form content. Long-form content isn’t long for the sake of length; its length is a by-product of the depth, thoroughness, and expertise you bring to the topic at hand. 

The purpose of long-form content is to create enormous value in a convenient, focused package. Done correctly, long-form content can become a resource that boosts brand recognition, encourages referrals, and establishes your status as a thought leader.

Why is long-form content so important?

There are three main reasons why long-form content matters.

First, long-form content is generally more valuable for your users. It’s a comprehensive asset that assembles a ton of information in a single place. The result is a real resource for your website visitors. By providing a detailed explanation of a topic, you’re answering more of their questions. This kind of value will keep someone on your website for longer. 

Second, long-form content is highly desirable from an SEO perspective. More content usually means more keywords and longer time on page. These signal to the search engine that this is a valuable destination, which can help increase your rankings. Long-form content builds expertise, authority, and trust—and EAT is a key SEO determinant for Google. Plus, long-form content is more likely to earn you backlinks from other sites.

Third, long-form content creates more engagement and conversion opportunities. Of course, you can embed a call-to-action anywhere on your site. However, long-form content is a sweet spot for CTAs. After you’ve provided someone with incredible value via a long-form article, that’s the perfect time to ask them to take the next step. 

A winning content strategy is a balanced content strategy

Balancing the scales of justice is your purpose—and balance is the key to a successful content strategy, too.

Ultimately, short-form and long-form content are both valuable. They require different investments and provide different benefits. Ideally, they work together. For instance, you can use long-form content as the basis for shorter assets. 

So don’t pull the plug on long-form content! Balance your law firm’s content strategy by producing both short-form and long-form content—or hire an agency to manage your content marketing.

Review and next steps

On the one hand, we understand the value of snappy online content like you find on TikTok. But we also know that long-term success requires long-form content and other forms of advertising.  

The best way to propel your practice is to invest in high-quality content. Content is an investment with dividends. So whether it’s your website, your social media marketing, or online media placements, make a commitment to excellent content and watch your business soar.

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