Parliament remains on break for most of the month of January, but that hasn’t cooled interest in Bills C-11 and C-18. I’ve appeared on several podcasts in recent weeks on these bills that may interest. Last week, I was pleased to appear on CBC’s Front Burner for an episode titled “Will Canada Make Web Giants Pay For News?”. The discussion with host Jayme Poisson focused on the implications of paying for links, the inclusion of the CBC in the system, and potential alternatives that would mitigate against the harms created by the bill.

Just before the holidays, I appeared on Senator Pamela Wallin’s No Nonsense podcast for a conversation on both C-11 and C-18. The podcast was recorded just days after the Senate Transport and Communications Committee wrapped up its review of Bill C-11, so the discussion on the proposed changes and potential next steps were top of mind.

Last month, I also appeared the Canadian Teachers’ Federation the Source podcast to discuss fair dealing. Given that Canada just extended the term of copyright, the issues raised by copyright, access, and cost to education are critical issues for 2023.

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