Help pick the 15 legal tech startups that will get to compete at the seventh-annual Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW 2023. Your votes determine the 15 companies selected to face off in a live pitch competition that will be the opening-night event of this year’s TECHSHOW, which is March 1-4 in Chicago. They also get to exhibit in a special Startup Alley portion of the exhibit hall.

Below are summaries of the semifinalists. Each summary links to more-detailed information provided by each startup in its application. Once you have reviewed them, you can FIND THE BALLOT HERE.


Important: Changes to the Voting this Year

In consultation with the TECHSHOW planning board, we have decided to make two notable changes to the voting this year:

  1. You will be limited to five votes. In past years, we placed no limit on the number of votes any one person could cast. This led to concerns about bot use and inflated numbers. This year, you will be able to vote five times on a single ballot. You may vote for your top-five favorites or five times for top favorite.
  2. We have listed 40 companies on the ballot as semifinalists. In past years, the judges narrowed the ballot to 25 semifinalists. This year, out of the 55 applications we received, the judges felt that so many deserved the opportunity to compete that we eliminated only 15 and we are putting the rest out for your votes.

The increase on the ballot from 25 to 40 companies made listing them all on a single page unwieldy. Thus, listed below are summaries of each (as provided by the startups), with links to pages containing more-detailed information as taken from their applications, including, for most, a demo video.

Please cast your vote here — and remember that the deadline is Feb. 3.

Calloquy Platform

Elevator Pitch: Calloquy is dedicated to making remote legal proceedings safe, secure, and efficient, both to reduce cost and risk for corporate litigants and to expand access to justice for underserved communities. Our all-in-one virtual litigation platform streamlines and professionalizes the process of conducting and managing remote and hybrid litigation. Users host meetings, mediations, and depositions that mimics real-life litigation scenarios and provides a level of security befitting legal proceedings.

What makes you unique or innovative?

Our platform is the only remote litigation platform intentionally designed for litigation teams to use through a case’s life cycle. We provide features that protect attorney-client privilege and provide added security to sensitive proceedings. The platform is built to host the entire process, providing robust management and archiving tools necessary to successfully execute litigation.

As a PBC, we have a social mission to leverage technology to improve access to justice.

Read this startup’s detailed application.

Case Chronology

Elevator Pitch: We are the legal Gold Standard for Chronologies. Case Chronology is a patented browser-based software platform that is an efficient, effective way to build, analyze, prepare, and present your case. Case Chronology software allows users to work on a page once while automatically generating Reports, Search Features, Duplicate Detection, Analysis Filters, Interactive Calendars, and Timelines.

What makes you unique or innovative?

Our patented technology overcomes inherent issues working with documents and PDF’s that interfere with making chronologies Secure, Scalable, Dynamic, and all in one place. Case Chronology is trial tested.

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Elevator Pitch: CaseUp provides a faster and easier way to share exhibits in remote depositions. With one click, lawyers can securely send files to a shared exhibit portal where all participants are updated instantly. In the background, the system marks the exhibits, appropriately updates filenames, applies electronic stamps, and organizes your files. This helps avoid mistakes and delays in the deposition and by speeding up the process, effectively gives lawyers more time on the record to ask questions.

What makes you unique or innovative? CaseUp is uniquely focused on speed and ease-of-use, and is the first platform that provides a true single-click workflow for introducing and stamping exhibits in remote depositions. CaseUp also uniquely supports continuous numbering by analyzing files and appropriately marking the exhibits based on whether they are a new or previously marked. CaseUp is also the only platform that reduces friction for users with the option for a dedicated portal link (with embedded passcode) for each deposition.

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Elevator Pitch: CaseYak uses AI to generate motor vehicle accident claim value predictions. We currently use this to offer lead generation services to law firms, but we love the potential for other use cases.

What makes you unique or innovative?

We answer the question found on so many attorney billboards: “What’s your case worth?”

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Catylex Contract Analytics

Elevator Pitch: For businesses that depend on contracts, Catylex Contract Analytics delivers quick answers without reading mountains of paper. Unlike others, we cover thousands of concepts out-of-the-box. Catylex users simply upload contract-related documents to a secure cloud application, and the system automatically extracts, tags and translates those documents into useful data that can be handed off to CLMs, or used to mitigate risk, revenue leakage, and legal fire drills.

What makes you unique or innovative? Until now, Contract AI has been disappointing because of weak training. Unlike consumer AI (trained on terabytes), most Contract AI is trained on small samples of text. Vendors expect their customers to do the hard work of training for themselves. Catylex is disruptive because we truly deliver out-of-the-box Contract AI (we do all the work). Fundamental to our success is a fine-grained data model (many thousands of concepts) derived from decades of legal, commercial, and technical experience.

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Elevator Pitch: CiteRight helps litigation teams save, organize, share, cite, and assemble case law — so they can draft faster and spend more time on what matters.

What makes you unique or innovative? CiteRight is the only tool that allows lawyers to save case law and automatically cite it inside Microsoft Word. Our insight is that legal citations are themselves a form of knowledge that can be reused up and down the legal research workflow. By leveraging the data our users generate, we help them build long-term value out of their work product, making it more useful for more people across the firm.

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Elevator Pitch: ContractKen is building the next generation contract drafting & review solution called ReviewKen. It combines our customer’s existing knowledge (playbooks, checklists, guidelines & clause libraries) with best-in-class AI (including Large Language Models) and delivers the information, insights & suggestions within Microsoft Word. We want to make tech work for lawyers instead of trying to make lawyers learn new tools and platforms.

What makes you unique or innovative? Most contract review & management tools take a generic rules automation / pattern detection / workflow automation approach since they address a broader set of users, and not just lawyers. At ContractKen, we want to go deep and understand the typical problems & working environment around contract review/drafting processes. We are partnering with expert contract lawyers to build an intuitive solution which can handle extensive diversity that exists in playbooks, checklists, guidelines, etc.

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Elevator Pitch: DecisionVault is an intake portal for attorneys that replaces the intake forms or fillable PDF they’re currently using. It has a client facing side – the portal, which makes it easy for clients to fill in an online questionnaire. Then on the backend, the attorney can review / use and export this information in several ways – and sync it over to their other legal tools through one of our many integrations.

What makes you unique or innovative? What’s unique is that we treat certain information differently – so we capture contacts as contact records (so we can sync them on to other tools). And we capture asset information in a structured way – so we can generate a nice-looking asset Excel sheet at the touch of a button. We integrate with lots of different tools – so we enable data integrations and automations that were impossible before. Firms can pick the stack of tools they want and know they can easily get client data into it.

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Disputec Peace Machine

Elevator Pitch: Disputec LTD is an Israeli company implementing the Binary Resolution Model (BRM) in online apps and websites. The BRM process will help you to resolve any kind of conflict: decision making, dispute resolution, building a real-time “Collective-Will” for communities.

How it works:

  • Agree to negotiate a resolution.
  • Draft your point by yes/no questions.
  • Answer others’ questions yes or no
  • Explain disagreements the same way (back to stage 2)
  • End discussion when you have nothing more to explain.

What makes you unique or innovative? We don’t want to change the law. We want to build a new common law of communities from the ground up guided by the community’s own collective-will, as discovered by the BRM. The real law makers will have to adjust.

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Elevator Pitch: AI-powered Contract Acceleration Platform – 80% faster contract execution with improved compliance – supports review, redlining, collaboration, and negotiation of contracts (including third party/counter party contracts). Uses AI to deep dive on legal topics, compare contracts based on legal topics, and supports European and Asian languages.

What makes you unique or innovative? AI assist (not provide legal advice), very easy to deploy, supports data centers and cloud environments. Lots of functionality, depending on contract review flow.

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Elevator Pitch: EsquireTek brings ground-breaking automation software to the underserved written discovery process. For decades, discovery has been a manual and tedious task. What previously took hours can now be done within 60 seconds, freeing up valuable time and resources.

What makes you unique or innovative? Our sophisticated AI accurately scans & extracts an opposing counsel’s discovery request & creates a discovery response shell within 60-seconds. Rich, easy-to-use features allow attorneys & paralegals to quickly draft responses, add objections, text or email clients & obtain electronic signatures directly from our platform. We’re on a mission to help law firms of every size improve efficiency by continuously developing innovative features that eliminate busy work to free up time & resources.

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Elevator Pitch: We focus on litigation innovation. eSumry speeds the job of reviewing and analyzing deposition transcripts with AI. Forget old-school word indexes with our patent-pending ML-powered aspect identification. Create deposition digests without the hassle of switching documents, typing page/line numbers, or opening and closing text boxes. Easily export the summary to MS Word for the case file. All in a user-friendly interface. Faster, better summaries to keep your cases on track.

What makes you unique or innovative? We combine artificial intelligence with legal subject matter expertise to enable innovative solutions. Our CEO, a busy trial attorney, saw the need to bring technology to the guild. Our vision, help litigators focus on higher value work by streamlining more tedious tasks. We started with depositions. That’s where the most valuable case information is. Reviewing & summarizing depositions is critical yet a tedious case task. We improved the process with a product that speeds the job, saving time.

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Elevator Pitch: Etheia helps family attorneys compel fair discovery, uncover hidden assets, and analyze spousal spending in high conflict divorces. Family attorneys use Etheia’s reports and analysis to increase settlement values, demonstrate coercive control, and effectively argue parenting, child support, and alimony terms.

What makes you unique or innovative? There’s lots of innovation in streamlining uncontested divorces, but there’s a billion-dollar market in high conflict and high net worth divorces that’s been forgotten. In these cases, both parties turn to he-said, she-said arguments. With a data-driven approach, family attorneys can separate fact from fiction and achieve the best outcomes for their clients.

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Elevator Pitch: We help legal teams ditch the billable hour for good in exchange for flat fee and subscription legal services. Within Fidu, law firms transform their manual actions, disjointed processes, and document templates into one-to-many legal products, automated workflows, and collaborative legal projects. All of this is packaged and delivered to clients in a firm-branded portal that’s the hub for the firm’s client experience. With Fidu, legal teams stop selling time for money and start scaling impact.

What makes you unique or innovative? Fidu will transform the business model of the trillion-dollar legal industry by helping law firms and legal teams successfully eliminate the billable hour for good in exchange for sustainable and scalable subscription legal services. To achieve this transformation, our product leverages the subscription design methodology developed by cofounder Kim Bennett based on her 10+ years of experience pioneering the model in her law firm and over 4 years of experience successfully teaching lawyers how to implement the model in their law firms. Together with Kim’s experience, expertise, and methodology, we combine cofounder Blaine Korte’s extensive product development and legal tech experience to build one platform for lawyers to transform their businesses with subscription legal services.

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Elevator Pitch: Lawyers are universally under equipped to deal with the ever-increasing number of evidence formats present in the modern digital landscape. Stop manually converting files and struggling with cloud services. We’re an eDiscovery company building a new product: FlexFile, a SAAS that gives lawyers the power to easily gather and convert any kind of digital evidence. Whether used by itself or integrated into existing workflows & apps, FlexFile can help lawyers everywhere be 10x more productive.

What makes you unique or innovative? Firms can integrate their existing workflows with the product right out of the box. No complicated technical barriers In addition to powerful AI to support practically every social media platform, mobile device, email inbox, and file. Any user can add their own conversion methods to the platform, while also allowing developers of other legal apps to integrate with us. Designed from the ground up to be accessible and flexible for firms of all sizes.

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Elevator Pitch: Formally is a platform for legal collaboration and data-sharing that enables the legal experience of the future. We leverage artificial intelligence, behavioral science, and delightful user experience design to create a whole new category of legal tech. Our product simplifies the US Immigration process by letting clients collaborate directly with their immigration attorneys to accelerate their applications, track their cases and reduce anxiety, all while maintaining ownership of their own data.

What makes you unique or innovative? We combine the best aspects of consumer-facing products with powerful enterprise tools for attorneys to create seamless collaboration software. Where there would otherwise be dense, legalese-filled paper forms, we give clients a simple interface that auto-fills basic information, explains complex terms, and allows for quick feedback from lawyers. This saves attorneys dozens of hours on each case by automating grunt-work, and we work with top international employers, such as CommVault, to save in-house team millions of dollars in external legal fees.

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Elevator Pitch: Giupedi has created the New Clinical Data Operating System for the Workers Compensation, Medical Malpractice, and Personal Injury litigation. Giupedi simplifies the creation of Medical Indexes for depositions and evidence production.

What makes you unique or innovative? Implementation of legal client care from a medical perspective. First commercial product to successfully produce medical indexes for workers compensation, PI, and medical malpractice cases.

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Global Legal Leaders

Elevator Pitch: In 109 languages, Global Legal Leaders consolidates 20% of the global B2B legal profession. Users have access to 10,000 individually vetted firms with 600,000+ attorneys in 160 countries whose annual revenue is $300 billion. Businesses law and accounting firms and corporate counsel can precisely define the services they require. Firms delineate exactly the services they can provide. All users and firms control their own profiles at no cost. Operating costs and accurate information are assured.

What makes you unique or innovative? Global – Covers every country. Accessible in 109 languages. Large firms are vetted by media. Organization information is self-maintained with passwords reducing administrative costs. The model is similar to billion-dollar websites such as Amazon and LinkedIn. Contacts are managers of firms, networks and consultants which assures quality. AI integration personalize the site for each organization and individual user.

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Elevator Pitch: We’re the ‘GoDaddy’ of trademarking for small businesses, and the world leader in trademark search for enterprise brands.

What makes you unique or innovative? We’re a Canadian, women-led deep AI startup that builds trademark software for two customer segments. Segment 1: SMB Transactional – Low volume searches and trademark tools for small and medium businesses, Amazon sellers, Web3 creators; Segment 2: Enterprise SaaS + Transactional – High volume searches and trademark tools for law firms, naming agencies, large enterprises. Trademarking is ripe for disruption. And we’re the only company in the world to do it.

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Elevator Pitch: We reduce mental stress and reclaim revenue loss caused by the multi-billion dollar “do I need to read this” problem. MyJr from Jurisage is a browser extension that works on any web page to improve your experience by delivering case law insights directly into your workflow. Stop opening new tabs for every cited authority and just hover over the citation to quickly understand cited cases without leaving your current page or breaking your flow. Focused intelligence for focused lawyers.

What makes you unique or innovative? Like large and innovative legal research and publishing companies, we combine AI tech, proprietary data and deep domain expertise to extracting and organizing the intelligence and insights contained in case law. We differ significantly in that the other companies seek to own the entire research experience, and while some offer APIs, none are built around technological unbundling and integration as core operating principles.

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Legal Ninja

Elevator Pitch: We help law firms triple their efficiency by replacing manual data entry tasks with automation. Legal assistants must manually do tasks based on certain triggers, such as the receipt of a document. With Legal Ninja, they create a template of what they want done in the case management program, such as creating calendar entries, updating custom fields, add notes, generate document templates and tasks lists. Hit submit and all the work is done for you automatically.

What makes you unique or innovative?

Our software automates multiple repetitive actions being done within the user’s case management system. It can be used with any type of law firm. It allows the user to be three times faster than doing the work manually.

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LegalEase Citations

Elevator Pitch: LegalEase Citations is a web app that helps lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals easily, quickly, and accurately create and format legal citations in legal-specific formats, like The Bluebook, for use in their legal writing. Users enter the source they’re citing into a form, and LegalEase Citation’s algorithm automatically applies the thousands of formatting rules and instantly outputs accurate legal citations.

What makes you unique or innovative? LegalEase Citations is the first and only software that creates accurate legal citations in accordance with legal-specific citation formats, like The Bluebook.

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Elevator Pitch: LegalOn Technologies is an AI-powered contract review platform that identifies and prioritizes third-party contract risks in seconds so legal teams can negotiate with focus and precision. Lawyers love us because we automate what’s tedious and put all the practical insights and precedent clauses you need in one place to make review easy. General counsels and legal ops teams use LegalOn to accelerate contracting and maintain compliance, improving margins and increasing revenue for their business.

What makes you unique or innovative? At LegalOn, we put legal in the driver’s seat. While other platforms act as a black box and automate redlines, we prioritize risks and give legal teams the practical insights they need to decide what to negotiate. Legal teams can easily tune the alerts to their own preferences and playbook. This approach has made LegalOn in Japan the largest contract review platform in the world. And we’re just getting started in the United States – innovating new tools for U.S. lawyers as we ready for launch.

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Elevator Pitch: LegalType is the world’s first adaptable SMART keyboard for lawyers and law students. It is also the World’s first highly customizable keyboard that eliminates repetitive tasks and is compatible with most European languages. Unlike existing legal keyboards, LegalType is available both as a programmable mechanical keyboard and as a software-only solution. We facilitate document assembly and automation, thereby delivering significant savings of time and money.

What makes you unique or innovative? Our first-to-market features include shortcuts for Word and Outlook, Unicode symbols (i.e., § ¶ Δ π © ® ™) and international and crypto currency symbols (i.e., ¥ € £ Ξ ₿). Our programmable firmware keyboard delivers automation in a few key presses. We add a layer of functionality to the keyboard without overriding the user’s default settings, which also makes it compatible with international keyboards. Lawyers have achieved improved efficiency, accuracy and savings with our innovative solution.

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Elevator Pitch: Lexamica is a platform that helps plaintiff’s law firms refer legal cases. This is a difficult workflow and by making it easier, law firms can make more money and stay ethically compliant at the same time.

What makes you unique or innovative? Lexamica is the only platform aimed at helping lawyers make money through attorney referrals. We simply the process from beginning to end so that clients and counsel both win.

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Elevator Pitch: Litigaze is a modern software platform that enables litigation teams to better understand, communicate and evaluate litigation risk and uncertainty, using a combination of visualization and quantification techniques based on decision science. Using Litigaze, lawyers can stop giving vague and unhelpful “it depends” responses and start showing their clients exactly what they think litigation prospects really look like in granular and numeric detail.

What makes you unique or innovative? Litigaze is different from many other legal tech tools in that it deliberately does NOT use AI/ML or automation. Litigaze’s tools have been developed by litigators, for litigators to use in complex litigation situations, and are the subject of multiple international pending patent applications.

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Elevator Pitch: Communications powers legal activities. Llabo, an intuitive legal communications platform developed by some of the most experienced innovators in legal technology, eliminates many of the communication challenges that get in the way of a legal firm’s success. Video meetings, task management, e-signature, cloud solution, full document editor and a dedicated secure communication channel to prevent information and communication silos.

What makes you unique or innovative? Llabo was designed to overcome common implementation challenges using the elegance of simplicity. Because it’s browser-based, there’s zero implementation. It’s a solution that’s ready to use at the first sign-on. Llabo is designed to be a one-stop shop for legal world that is accessible from anywhere, anytime. It’s designed to facilitate legal communication between legal teams, firm management, and the customer in a way that puts simplicity first.

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Elevator Pitch: Naya is a database driven solution that allows lawyers and their clients to share a platform that drives document automation and transaction management. Each environment is customized based on the documents / processes that are being automated.

What makes you unique or innovative? Our product is designed to be shared by lawyers and their clients to improve efficiency for all parties (not just the lawyers). Also, Naya has experienced attorneys as part of its implementation team and all setup is handled by Naya so there is no implementation necessary by lawyers.

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Elevator Pitch: Assembly Software provides case management solutions (Trialworks, Needles, and Neos) that support everything from the micro to the macro operations of running a firm. Our flagship cloud-based platform, Neos, acts as your silent partner, a digital shot of B12 that will allow you to do more with fewer resources. You’ll learn how to get more out of your staff and deliver better outcomes to clients without devoting additional effort.

What makes you unique or innovative? In 2019, Trialworks and Needles joined forces to create Assembly Software. Combining resources and experience allowed for robust product development and improved management strength. Neos, our cloud-based case management platform, combines the best of both legacy products. Our unparalleled experience in the legal case management industry and focus on customer-powered innovation have resulted in a practice management solution that will power any firm to new heights of success.

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Office & Dragons

Elevator Pitch: Office & Dragons helps lawyers save days of time on their matters by streamlining document work. We’ve built the world’s only document automation platform based on Agile methodology, so anyone can get results instantly and iteratively expand and improve their automations over time.

What makes you unique or innovative? We have developed the world’s first and only document automation platform that is founded in Agile methodology. In doing so, we’ve flipped the traditional painstakingly slow model of document automation on its head. Users get results instantly, making small improvements to their templates iteratively and launching changes quickly to their team. Users don’t have to wait for a year before their template is usable and it remains flexible and evolves over time.

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Elevator Pitch: A verbatim, synced AI transcript 90 mins after a depo/EUO at no extra cost to our reporter’s appearance. We empower insurance carriers/firms to make decisions faster and more cost efficient vs. long waits and thousands spent with traditional reporters. We built a free, cloud platform feat. clip cutting, instant depo confirmation, and smart search on past transcripts. Certified transcripts, if needed, are synced to the audio/video, for free. There are no videographer fees or other misc. charges.

What makes you unique or innovative? Parrot was built by veteran litigators and world class software engineers leveraging Machine Learning and AI to solve industry wide cost and time inefficiencies in court reporting and case/claims resolution. We have a proven track record of saving insurance carriers and law firms time and significant cost. This is in addition to being a single source, easy to use solution, enabling more persuasive advocacy through digital evidence presentation.

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Elevator Pitch: Pre/Dicta tells you in three seconds whether your judge will dismiss your case. And all you need is your case number. Our predictions on cases in federal court are accurate 85% of the time and have been tested on over 50,000 motions to dismiss. No other technology can do this.

What makes you unique or innovative? Rather than giving attorneys reams of data and statistics and burdening them to spend time interpreting them and determining, what, if any are relevant, we provide instant predictions based on just the case number. Our algorithms objectively identify the biographical information that influences a particular judge’s decision and leverages it to predict whether a case will survive a motion to dismiss and when the judge will issue their ruling.

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Elevator Pitch: Prokurio makes it radically easier for businesses to take control of their intellectual property spending. Our SaaS platform helps companies uncover and eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in excessive IP costs and automates complex and time-consuming financial planning and budgeting processes.

What makes you unique or innovative? We’re the first vendor to create a platform focused on the financial needs of corporate IP teams. To do this, we’ve integrated important features usually only found in IP Management, E-billing, and Financial Planning and Analysis applications. This allows us to deliver several innovative IP-focused financial features, including a graphical budget simulator and the industry’s only automated IP maintenance invoice review solution.

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Elevator Pitch: The perfect solution for collecting ESI from devices exists. Rocket is a cloud-native platform which collects from Windows, Mac devices and iPhone backups via email to the Custodian. The Custodian clicks a link and Rocket automatically takes over the data collection, forensic reporting and evidence transfers. No collection kits, forensic tools, installs or onsite engagements. Rocket can perform full disk & targeted forensic imaging, giving you all the information you at your fingertips.

What makes you unique or innovative? Rocket can: Collect data without requiring blank hard drives or imaging tools; perform full disk, Targeted search and Drop & Send; email discovery requests to a single custodian or from excel list; bi-directionally search data in 28 languages.

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Elevator Pitch: Shareforce is a collaboration platform for legal docs and contract compliance (a Github for legal staff). It enables firms to improve the quality and uniformity of legal documents, while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. It’s a SaaS-based, modular (clause building-block based) solution for legal document design, maintenance, automation, and collaboration.

What makes you unique or innovative? Shareforce serves as the ‘single source of truth’ and is fully controlled by lawyers. SF is a comprehensive contract clause repository for all our clients’ documents originated in each department and every system. Our modular setup allows SF to offer unique features, like automated clause-update distribution, multipurpose clauses, update approval workflow tool (branching), department specific clause versions (forking) and clause update suggestions (merge requests) – analogous to GitHub.

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Streamline AI

Elevator Pitch: Streamline AI is an intelligent intake and workflows system, purpose built for corporate legal teams to:

  • Collect and organize all legal requests via configurable intake forms + email, Slack, and Salesforce
  • Automate assignment, approvals, and workflows.
  • Provide real-time visibility and collaboration for business + legal.
  • Track key metrics (request volume, SLAs, and much more) to demonstrate the legal team’s value and justify new hires over time.

What makes you unique or innovative?

We are leveraging AI to cut down on the amount of manual work that legal teams are doing to triage and work on requests. Our AI module can auto-triage requests to the legal team after learning how the legal team triages by matter type and identify duplicates. We are further developing our AI/ML models to improve how legal teams manages requests, documents, and handle knowledge management.

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Elevator Pitch: Our award-winning platform automates capital markets disclosures drafting, and related diligence processes, for companies and their advisors. The range of techniques we use include data analytics and natural language processing. We are legal and tech experts and build our products with input from top law firms (formal partners include Cleary Gottlieb and Vinge). Since 2021, our solutions have been used on c.50 equity and debt transactions worth billions of dollars by a dozen of Am Law 100.

What makes you unique or innovative? We focus on automating core legal (rather than administrative) work and translating premier legal expertise into practical products. We also forged co-development partnerships with top law firms to help ensure that our products meet practical needs. As capital markets disclosures must reflect an issuer’s circumstances, latest financial results, and market developments, our products produce customized text based on evolving facts, rather than relying solely on templates and past precedents.

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Elevator Pitch: Truve is a new, simple-to-use, first-of-its-kind law firm intelligence technology designed to help law firms structure and leverage their data. It’s the data hub, analytics, and productivity platform for the law firms of the future.

What makes you unique or innovative? We have uniquely created a Case Value Estimation AI tool looking over 100 data points to understand key factors impacting the value of the cases. We then use this information to maximize case values.

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Universal Migrator

Elevator Pitch: Universal Migrator makes changing practice/document management systems a breeze. It extracts data from 50+ systems into a universal database schema then pushes that data into your desired platform.

What makes you unique or innovative? LEDES standardized legal billing. We standardized legal migrations. Data migrations are traditionally hard because every system has a different database schema, API, and table structure. We ETL every system (even web/API-based systems) into a universal data model so every migration looks exactly the same.

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Elevator Pitch: Wisedocs indexes and sorts medical records using machine learning for insurance carriers, healthcare providers, laws firms, and TPAs. We serve the auto, liability, disability, and workers’ compensation markets. Wisedocs provides an easy-to-integrate solution for improved accuracy and speed to deliver improved outcomes in the medical claims process.

What makes you unique or innovative? Wisedocs tenure and experience in this space makes us an industry leader. Our mission is to erase the headache of manually analyzing medical records to create a more positive experience for insurance companies, legal firms, healthcare providers, and their claimants. Our clients stick with us and grow with us because of the actual product, turnaround time, accuracy and customer service. Wisedocs is an experienced company that focuses on delivering great customer outcomes. Instead of just packaging technology we spend a great deal of effort understanding client needs and making sure our solution provides targeted and measurable value.

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