Transforming your law practice to go fully virtual requires careful planning and the right tools, says Annette Choti, a lawyer for more than two decades who now advises law firms on digital marketing and growth strategies through her company Law Quill.

“In order to create a successful virtual law firm, a lawyer needs to consider developing a business plan tailored specifically for virtual law practices, implement secure communication tools, create a remote work culture that fosters collaboration and productivity among team members, adopt cloud-based document management solutions compliant with industry regulations, embrace artificial intelligence technologies in legal services delivery, and implement digital marketing strategies to attract prospective clients,” Choti says.

In How To Transform Into A Virtual Law Firm: Essential Guide, an article written by Choti for the resources library of the LawNext Legal Technology Directory, she breaks down the steps for creating a virtual firm,  including developing a business plan, implementing an internal communication strategy, and choosing the right equipment and software.

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