The Comprehensive Practice Management Solution by CARET Legal with built-in advanced document automation powered by HotDocs

Many software offerings in legal tech claim to be all-in-one solutions, but in reality they rely on third-party integrations to bring a semi-holistic product to the market. These offerings overpromise and underdeliver, leaving you with workarounds versus true workflows. You find yourself with gaps and data disparities to reconcile, and the ongoing maintenance and headaches to take up your time rather than leaving you free to work seamlessly and effortlessly within one system.

There is a much better way with CARET Legal, a singular and complete platform to manage all the needs of your law firm in one work environment. No more jumping back and forth between systems, worrying about data integrity and accuracy. Our core mission is to enable you with the total solution to run your front and back office for the entire customer journey, turning possibilities into profits while creating space for your firm to succeed at what really matters.

Previously known as Zola Suite, CARET Legal is an award-winning practice management solution for legal professionals. From client intake to matter management to back-office reporting, CARET Legal helps firms save time, increase team collaboration, improve accuracy, scale their business and collect revenue faster than ever before.

In the spirit of keeping things all under one platform, HotDocs (also owned by parent company CARET) is now fully integrated within CARET Legal. Call us biased, but we strive to only bring you the best. CARET Legal chose to integrate with HotDocs because it is the undisputed leader providing the best solution in the market for creating documents and client interviews using legal practice management data.

We can’t stop talking about how important it is to have a fully integrated CARET-owned product within our legal practice management platform. Unlike other integrated efforts – for example, MyCase + Woodpecker – whose solutions require coding, API work or a Zapier-like tool, the combination of CARET Legal + HotDocs is effortless to use and creates an easy, seamless workflow dramatically decreasing the time to create documents while increasing accuracy and compliance.

HotDocs automation offers significant benefits for law firms, including:

  • Significantly reducing the time required to complete documentation – creating documents up to 10x faster
  • Delivering 100% accuracy, resulting in consistent and error-free documentation.
  • Giving you access to automated document generation and content and template libraries to better manage complex, legal documentation and equip your staff to access the right tools for document creation.
  • Creating firm standards for documentation that reduce the time required to complete repetitive tasks.
  • Offering technological versatility and flexibility from deployment (on-premises or in the cloud) to integration capabilities with business systems.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out this Lawyerist interview with Fred Cohen, board member at CARET, discussing HotDocs integration with CARET Legal (formerly Zola Suite). After the interview, Lawyerist updated their product review of CARET Legal on the Lawyerist site.

As mentioned in the video interview, CARET Legal with HotDocs takes you “from prospect to profit.” It’s the only solution that’s able to serve the entire client life cycle, from the initial client interaction, clearing conflicts and doing intake to generating bills and invoices, getting everything into the general ledger and, finally, recording payments.

As a CARET Legal user, you can pull existing client and case data in CARET Legal to prepare new documents. This creates a single source of truth for all practice management data, eliminating double data entry and significantly minimizing data entry mistakes. When you start a new interview, you can start it directly within a matter in CARET, using the data that already exists from HotDocs, because it’s been preloaded from the practice management system. The deep integration also flows in the other direction by making matters, clients and calendar information from CARET Legal available for use with HotDocs automation.

Want to see more? Watch this video on Getting Started with Virtual Interviews.

And we don’t stop there with our total solution. When you implement CARET Legal and HotDocs, you are provided superior training and support from us across the entire practice management system. Our goal is to optimize the user experience and create seamless workflows from start to finish, and that’s what we do for you. Unlike a partial integration or coding that you might see with other products, the combination of document automation in CARET Legal, powered by HotDocs, delivers users a singular solution and unprecedented value in running your law firm and turning possibilities into profitability.

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