It is an all-too-common scenario in legal tech: A law firm deploys a new legal tech product, hoping to enhance the productivity and efficiency of its legal professionals, only to see it sit idle and underutilized by the very professionals it was intended to benefit.

Anthony Seale

How can a law firm get over this adoption hurdle? One way is to identify your firm’s tech “champions” and give them the opportunities to become advocates for new tech, writes Anthony Seale, founder and CEO of Legatics, in a post for the resources library of the LawNext Legal Technology Directory.

“Champions can help avoid adoption failing by making sure users are aware of the problems the solution is solving, and how it improves legacy working methods,” Seale says. “They can also ensure that the firm’s culture as well as the mindsets and behaviors of the various adopter groups are being addressed in the adoption communications, milestones, and training sessions.”

You can read Seale’s full post here: Turbocharging Legal Tech Adoption: How to Identify Your Adoption Champions and Help Them Encourage the Use Of New Tech In Your Law Firm.