The e-discovery landscape will be needing a new map after the global e-discovery company Reveal said today that it has acquired two other leading e-discovery companies, Logikcull and IPRO.

The combination of the three companies, Reveal said, will create the first end-to-end e-discovery platform that addresses matters of all sizes and for all legal teams, from solo legal practitioners to the largest enterprise.

The transactions are together valued at more than $1 billion, Reveal said. They were funded by Reveal’s majority shareholder, the software investment firm, K1 Investment Management.

“The combination integrates Logikcull and IPRO’s unique capabilities with Reveal’s proven AI prowess to create an all-in-one hub of e-discovery tools for matters of any size and scope,” the announcement said.

“From self-service offerings for smaller cases to enterprise-grade solutions for complex legal challenges, Reveal now stands as the go-to partner for automating the practice of law.”

These acquisitions follow the 2021 merger of Reveal and Brainspace, backed by a $200 million investment by K1. That deal, the company said at the time, made it the leading AI-powered e-discovery platform.

Asked whether all employees and executives of both companies will stay on, a Reveal spokesperson said, “As you know, acquisitions of this magnitude bring about changes, especially when there are inevitable areas of duplication. Merging operations will obviously require eliminating some redundancies, but Reveal is committed to welcoming Logikcull and IPRO employees fully on-board.”

Happy Anniversary

As it happens, this year is Logikcull’s 10th anniversary. As cofounder and CEO Andy Wilson told me on my LawNext podcast in May, he and CTO Sheng Yang founded the company with the goal of automating and democratizing e-discovery.

It was one of the first cloud-based e-discovery platforms and, while its customers span law firms of all sizes, government agencies, and corporate legal departments, its automation features have made it popular among lawyers in smaller firms.

Reveal says that by integrating Logikcull’s self-service functionality into its ecosystem, it can now offer the most advanced automation capabilities in the industry. Logikcull’s functionality enables users to efficiently handle simpler cases in-house, while its own platform enables users to tackle more complex litigation matters.

The combination of the three companies also enables Reveal to cover every stage of the e-discovery process, from data collection and processing to review and analysis, it says.

IPRO is one of the few companies that covers the full EDRM spectrum, from information governance and legal holds all the way through to document review, production and trial.

IPRO made two notable acquisitions in recent years, first of the information governance company NetGovern in 2020 and then of the e-discovery company ZyLAB in 2021.

Range of Choice

“The acquisitions of Logikcull and IPRO build on Reveal’s growth strategy of integrating the best and most useful technologies into one platform so customers have greater choice and control over their e-discovery workflows,” Wendell Jisa, Reveal’s founder and CEO, said in the statement announcing the acquisition.

“By bringing together the strengths of all three companies, including Logikcull’s intuitive, easy-to-use functionality and IPRO’s global reach and information governance tools, Reveal is now able to serve the diverse needs of clients across the legal spectrum, from SMB to mid-market and enterprise.”

With the combination of these three companies, Reveal will now have employees located in more than two dozen countries, serving a customer base of over 4,000 clients.

Reveal says that day-one benefits to its customers include:

  • Providing a greater range of choice. “The acquisition of Logikcull allows Reveal to offer both down-market and enterprise customers multiple e-discovery options to appropriately address the scale and complexity of any legal case, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”
  • Democratizing e-discovery. “Reveal is the only legal technology company to democratize e-discovery for all legal matters, offering any business – whether small or large – access to its leading AI-powered solutions.”
  • Global expansion and access. “The acquisition of IPRO enables Reveal to introduce its AI technology to a new client base across the globe.”
  • Comprehensive AI-powered platform. “Reveal has created a complete ecosystem for the legal industry with solutions ranging from information governance, early case assessment, legal hold, and collection to processing, document review, and trial presentation – all ultimately underpinned by one of the most powerful AI engines in legal technology.”
  • Customized e-discovery experience. Reveal’s expanded team of e-discovery experts ensures that clients receive tailored solutions and guidance to navigate complex litigation challenges. Together with Logikcull and IPRO, Reveal continues to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration with its customers, pushing the boundaries of legal automation.”

“These two acquisitions are a continuation of our commitment to bring together the best technologies and people to propel the practice of law into a new era,” said Tarun Jain, principal at K1. “With this combination, legal professionals will only have to look to one company to solve all their e-discovery needs.”