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For many lawyers, making partner at a law firm is the highest tier of the partner hierarchy. However, accomplishing this goal isn’t always an easy task. Law firms have different partnership structures for managing partners, and different paths to get there. What Is a Managing Partner at a Law Firm? […]

Just like any business, establishing clear and ethically compliant billing practices is crucial for law firms. Your billing practices directly affect not only your bottom line but also your firm’s commitment to transparency and the client experience. Clearly communicating your legal billing guidelines goes a long way in building client trust.

Invoicing can be a headache for many law firms. From managing different accounts and payment deadlines to ensuring the time tracking is accurate and the invoice reflects different fee structures, it is difficult to imagine a frictionless version of this workflow. Thankfully, automated legal billing software has made this process seamless for all-sized law firms.

For attorneys, time is money. Most attorneys rely on billable hours for their income, and many firms expect attorneys to achieve a minimum billable hour requirement of 1,700 to 2,300 per year.

To meet this requirement – and get paid – attorneys must track their billable hours efficiently and accurately. “Padding” errors hurt the attorney

In any business, keeping an eye on the bottom line is essential. For law firms, this can be a challenge, as there are many ways that money can be lost throughout a case. From inefficient time-tracking to inaccurate billing, there are many potential pitfalls. However, there is one solution that can help to increase law

Time is of the essence for law firms. Not only is accurate timekeeping vital for record-keeping and tracking billable hours, but wasting time on manual tasks and following archaic processes distracts from what’s important: practicing law and growing your practice.

When you became a lawyer, you probably didn’t realize how much time you’d spend on billing and other administrative work.  While billing can be time-consuming, it’s your processes that determine how much of your non-billable time is allocated towards it. 

The secret to a successful law firm is keeping a close eye on its performance. Law firms that consistently track their key performance metrics can determine where to scale for growth and identify other areas for improvement. Whether it’s daily, monthly, or quarterly, keeping a pulse on key business metrics can help law firms make

A username and password are enough for many sites. This single-factor authentication is often used for retailers and other sites, but more sensitive information that’s guarded on a bank site or email will often require or suggest two-factor authentication. Hackers can access a lot of information with just a username and password, including a social