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As AI becomes more pervasive and lawyers are seeking guidance on how to navigate our rapidly evolving AI legal and regulatory environment, we are seeing a big increase in continuing legal education (CLE) events regarding AI and the law.

These events are often produced by law firms, bar associations, law schools, legal tech providers, general

Last week (on Valentine’s Day), the leading airline Air Canada was ordered to issue a refund to a customer who was misled by its chatbot. This case has received a fair amount of attention across the internet and social media.

The facts of the case are pretty straightforward. An Air Canada customer sought to obtain

Last year the internet went into a frenzy after pictures like the one above of Pope Francis wearing a puffer jacket were circulated. These images were created by generative AI and of course it demonstrates the powerful nature of AI technology.

The Pope has also been proactive in stressing the importance of ethical AI.

During my legal career, I have had the good fortune to deliver legal support to some of the best marketing and sales enablement professionals in the world.

One key thing they have taught me is the importance of building and periodically evolving your brand.

Over the past 5 years I have authored 50+ blog posts

This has been a tumultuous week in the football world as two of the all-time greatest coaches have stepped down from their jobs.After 17 seasons and 6 college football championships, Nick Saban announced that he was retiring from being the football coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.Soon afterwards, Bill Belichick left the NFL’s New England

Happy New Year!

I’m excited about 2024 and our new year provides new opportunities for alll of us.

Check out my latest #3Strikes video on LinkedIn where I shared these “Top 3” focus areas for lawyers in 2024:1. Artificial Intelligence: It will continue to be “AI all the time” in 2024. Since technology is both

I remember being in Junior High School when President Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor to be the first female US Supreme Court justice back in 1981.

At that time it was very, very long overdue to have a woman sit on our country’s highest court.

I have always admired Justice O’Connor. Not just because she was

Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege to talk about artificial intelligence at events with Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, the Ohio State Bar Association, the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago and the Association of Corporate Counsel-Chicago.

Here’s 5 AI takeaways that I have landed with audiences at these events:

☑️ Be AI Ready:

I’ve attended some legal industry conferences and events this month where in-house counsel have asked me questions about internal company policies regarding AI.

Some of these questions have ranged from should my organization have an AI policy to what should such a AI policy say to can you please provide me with a sample AI policy

As the group’s lead guitarist, the iconic musician George Harrison was the primary singer only on a few Beatles songs.

One of those songs (which was also written by Harrison) was called “Taxman.”

Based on this recent NY Times article, it seems like AI is the new “Taxman” as the US Internal Revenue Services