Thanks for joining LexBlog! We’re excited to help you create great legal content. This post shares some important information to help you with your new site. It covers topics such as logging in to the platform and where to find help articles or support. We’ve also added some of our favorite blog posts as placeholder content

To create a successful blog, you will need to listen to your audience and online influencers. These resources will help you understand why listening is important and to find the tools that can help you.
As LexBlog’s Kevin O’Keefe explains:
“Blogging is much more than ‘message sending.’ You listen to the conversation that’s already taking

Both new and experienced bloggers need ideas for fresh content. This article lists ideas for generating new posts: comment on recent news, repurposing your content, conferences and meetups, personal and evergreen content, and other prompts.
Respond to current news through your blog. Don’t include a detailed recap of the news. Instead, link to the original

This is the format of an ideal blog post. The most important part of writing an ideal blog post is to, you know, actually write it. Your thoughts are brilliant, I’m sure, but when you keep them within your head you miss out on the discussions that your ideas could generate, that could subsequently help