Earlier this month, at the NetDocuments three-day Inspire 2022 conference for customers and partners, one of the speakers was Jeff Pfeifer, chief product officer for LexisNexis for Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. He was there to speak about a unique partnership between LexisNexis and NetDocuments called Highlights, which embeds LexisNexis case analysis and

For many writers, programmers, and gamers, there is no substitute for a mechanical keyboard. With mechanical switches under each key, mechanical keyboards are more tactile and durable than other laptop and desktop keyboards, which can translate to a more enjoyable typing experience. Until now, however, there has not been a mechanical keyboard designed expressly for

Hard for me to believe it, but Saturday was the 20th anniversary of this blog, which I founded on Nov. 19, 2002, with this introductory post.
I actually started writing about this stuff even earlier, in 1995, when my fascination with the potential of the internet for lawyers prompted me to launch a syndicated

Over seven years as a litigator of complex commercial and antitrust cases, Dan Hauck had become frustrated over how difficult it was for legal teams to collaborate around matters. In 2014, he left his law firm, Bryan Cave, to start ThreadKM, a matter-centric legal collaboration platform. As the product evolved, it developed integrations with the

Not surprisingly given the economy, a survey of inhouse legal professionals finds that companies are slowing down or freezing hiring, reducing outside counsel spending, and conducting layoffs.
To help counter these cuts and reduce their workloads, legal departments are increasingly bullish on leveraging legal technology, the survey finds.
The survey by contract management company Lexion

The global e-discovery and compliance technology company Relativity today named a new chief executive officer, Phil Saunders, who was most recently CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand. He succeeds Mike Gamson, who departs after five years as a board member and three years as CEO.
Saunders will become CEO effective Dec. 12, with Gamson staying

Earlier this month, the practice management company Filevine announced that, as part of a new document assembly feature, it had developed a proprietary document format, “.vine,” that it said would replace Microsoft Word and Google Docs in the legal industry. (See, Say What? Filevine Introduces Proprietary Document Format to ‘Become the New Standard in the