Sang Lee believes that algorithm-based assessments can help law firms make better, more ethical and less-biased decisions when hiring associates and laterals. The SaaS company she founded in 2019, Thine, leverages custom hiring algorithms and industrial and organizational (IO) psychology to create assessments that it says can reduce inconsistencies in how law firms evaluate

For the last seven years, Mighty has been a legal technology company operating a portal that helps personal injury law firms interface more seamlessly with the lienholders, such as medical providers, who have claims against their clients’ recoveries.
But as of today, Mighty is making a mighty big pivot, directly competing against those personal injury

In the latest installment in our continuing video series How It Works, we get a demonstration of ImageRights for Law Firms, a recently launched technology that enables attorneys to directly track use of their own clients’ copyrighted works and then compile and assess any resulting infringement claims through the ImageRights’ cloud-based platform.
With automated evidence

LawVu is a New Zealand company that says it is revolutionizing legal operations by waging war on a multiplicity of point solutions and providing in-house legal teams with the first truly connected platform for matter, contract and spend management. 
LawVu recently conducted a survey of in-house lawyers and legal operations  professionals and found that

The practice management product Rocket Matter today released a enhanced version of its integration with the secure file-sharing and e-signature platform ImagineShare that enables users to perform key document functions directly within Rocket Matter.
Last year, Rocket Matter released the initial version of its integration with ImagineShare, which its law firm customers can use to

The law practice management platform Litify is unique in several ways. For one, it is built on top of Salesforce, the sales and marketing automation platform used by many Fortune 500 companies. For another, it was developed by Morgan & Morgan, the largest plaintiffs’ law firm in the United States.
Since its launch in 2016,

ImageRights International, a company whose technology has helped visual artists protect their copyrights since 2009, is now entering the legal tech market with its launch today of ImageRights for Law Firms, a platform designed to help law firms and corporate legal departments directly protect their clients’ copyrighted photographs, illustrations, digital art and other