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In November 2019, the Working Group on InnoTech Law Hub (the “Hub”) and the Working Party for SME Firms (the “SME Firm Working Party”) co-hosted, at the Law Society function room, the first joint community roundtable on law and technology. The event aimed to address the difficulties of implementing technology in small medium sized (“SME”)

,A recap: Develop a hackathon problem for the first A2J Hackathon.,,,,Problem and Background
Minorities are often under-served demographics in society, whether they are minorities because of race, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, age, and/or other traits and characteristics. They have various challenges accessing legal services to address their grievances due to their identity group status. For example,

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The report notes: ,,,As the Law Society’s program for legal practice innovation, the ILH aims to find technology-based solutions relevant to the [Law Society Technology] Roadmap; build a community of innovation champions; enhance the legal profession’s technological competency; and connect with decision-makers, execution teams and user groups on best practices. To support

,,,A recap: Develop a hackathon problem for the first A2J Hackathon.,,,,,Problem
There are a number of perennial challenges in seeking legal professional help for the general public. We invite you to consider step-by-step the multidimensional challenges from both perspectives of the “user” (client) and the “service provider” (lawyer), among other stakeholders. The progress in developing