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Remember the early days of MDM (Mobile Device Management)? You know, that company-mandated thing which black-listed your apps, tracked your movements, and monitored which websites you browsed?

We’ve come a long way from those days. Recent developments from Microsoft make authentication and data management easier for both users and for IT admins. Let’s take a

In the midst of finalizing a significant deal for your company, you receive the second round of redlines on the Master Purchase Agreement from your client. Along with some contextual notes, you promptly forward it to your legal counsel.

What happens next? The truth is, whenever legal assistance is enlisted, be it for business or

All of enterprise software business has a nexus with New York City. I recommend reviewing the publications from Work-Bench, the NYC based venture capital whose tag line is, “We invest in game changing enterprise startups.” They are data-oriented people with interesting insights on funding for NYC-based enterprise tech startups.

Work-Bench has recently published “The State

On October 12th and 13th, iManage held their first in-person ConnectLive conference since 2019. It was at the Willis Tower in iManage’s home town of Chicago. Attendance was very good. Attendees reported that they were very pleased with the content of the sessions. The venue, Convene in the Willis Tower, was wonderful, adding to the

The International Legal Technology Association’s 2022 survey is a broad treasure trove of data reported from 541 law firms.

There are 11 major topics including Infrastructure, Document Management, Practice Management, and Business Continuity.

My focus is on four of the twenty-seven questions surveyed in the Security section.

  • Password Management
  • ILTA 2022 Technology Survey

    Password managers

    How Technology, Mobile Devices, and AI Are Shaping the Legal Industry in 2022

    In February of 2022, Above the Law interviewed 500 attorneys on their views on technology, mobile devices, artificial intelligence (AI), and more. Of those 500, Associates made up 32%, Partners were 26%, and in-house counsel were over 12%. Above the Law and