WiseTime is for attorneys with more important things to do than timekeeping. WiseTime passively captures your activity while you work and collates it in a private timeline. Without interruptions and reliance on memory, you receive detailed and accurate data that allows you to bill clients faster through your existing systems.

WiseTime works while you do, creating a timeline of your activity by capturing your active window title, such as the document name or subject line. Connected to your existing practice management system, case references are automatically detected and assigned. You can then review your activity before sending it directly to relevant case in your system, ready to be billed.

WiseTime helps professionals get time for more. No manual tracking. No start-stop timers. Magic.

Artificial Intelligence in the legal sector
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the legal sector in many ways. By automating human tasks that are typically labour-intensive and time consuming, AI can streamline a law firm’s daily operations and improve their bottom line. 

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, travel restrictions and health concerns are prompting many companies to embrace remote working for the first time. For some, adopting remote working practices will feel like uncharted territory, so we’ve put together this guide to provide you with a handy framework that has proven to work for us and many

In August 2018, Practice Insight waved goodbye to two of our founding products, Filing Analytics and Citation Eagle. As these two products joined the CPA Global family our team turned their focus to WiseTime. A year on, as WiseTime continues to grow and be the focus for our team, we have decided to officially

During the coronavirus pandemic, law firms have come to rely heavily on technology to keep operations running smoothly. But how do you know that the software you’re using is secure? In this post, we explore the legal tech that offers security as a principle.


From setting up online collaboration tools, to navigating video