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As the world starts to emerge from the pandemic, countries are opening borders and using immigration as a way of boosting their economic recovery. For immigration lawyers this means they’ve never been busier – families need reuniting, job roles must be filled, and corporations are looking for new workers to provide a revenue bounce to

If data is the new oil, then most GCs are at the point where they’re either still trying to build the refinery, or they’ve hit the biggest well, but have no idea how to extract what they actually need. We’ve long talked about the value of data, and how greater visibility helps fuel better decision

We’ve had a tumultuous year and navigating disruption seems like the new normal. But there’s a raft of technology, market shifts and societal change occurring that mean more disruption is on the way. Are you prepared for what’s in store and how to steer your law firm or legal team through the quagmire? Even back

This blog is based on an extract from a chapter ‘Risk management’ in Next Stage Legal Project Management: Future-proof Your Matter Management, written by Naomi Thompson, Senior Vice President, Legal Solutions EMEA and Julie Mathys, Client Services Manager at Exigent. Legal project management is challenging enough, so what happens when you throw risk management into

The job market is wide open and paralegals are looking for new roles, leaving many immigration law firms without the skills they need. It’s time to consider a different way.   People are quitting their jobs more than at any other time in the past two decades. More than 15 million US workers—and counting—have quit

We understand that data is important – legal teams or law firms create plenty of data. But are we harnessing the information effectively? Are you getting what you need from your data? The biggest challenge with data is access and understanding. While most law firms and GCs understand the value their contracts hold, accessing that

Climate change represents a “catastrophic” risk to the global economy. Here’s how lawyers can help manage the risk and align with corporate sustainability efforts Climate change will have the second greatest impact on the global economy over the next decade, second only to infectious disease, according to the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Risks Report

Increased profitability, productivity and competitive advantage with an optimized resource model Almost 80% of UK law firms are introducing or increasing their use of outsourcing.* Why? They are reimagining client delivery, operating models, and budget allocations in pursuit of growth, differentiation and profits. That’s not all. The pandemic provided proof-of-concept for virtual work and collaboration.

Your CMS can be measured on multiple KPIs, but knowing which ones are right for your business is key. We’ve detailed the most critical KPIs to include on your dashboard Your contracts are digitised and you’ve got a Contract Management System (CMS) in place, but now what? How are you ensuring you’re getting the most

Data is everywhere, but are you harnessing your information effectively? We show you the advantages of automated data processing. The biggest challenge with data is access and understanding. While most law firms and GCs understand the value their contracts hold, accessing that information and making sense of it to support strategy or action is another

The eDiscovery market is constantly changing with caseloads increasing and AI improving. Terry Harrison, Godfather of eDiscovery, spoke to Exigent about what he sees as the next evolution of eDiscovery. Organizations and law firms that do not use the full potential of eDiscovery are failing their clients and stakeholders. That’s the word from the Godfather

Change management doesn’t need to be the beast you might think it is. Here are seven change management best practices that will see your change management journey flourish. Arguably the legal profession (like many others) has been through more change in the past 18 months, than in the previous decade. From technology to personnel, and

As we enter recovery, there is a national shortage of workers and the US Chambers of Commerce is calling for a doubling of quotas for employees from abroad, but are you ready for the work that entails? Less than a month after the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) filed a Temporary Final Rule increasing