A federal statute, 36 U.S. Code § 113, designates May 1 as Law Day, and is intended to “celebrate the ideals of equality and justice under law” and to help cultivate “respect for law that is so vital to the democratic way of life.” In addition, each year the American Bar Associations identifies a suggested

IAALS, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System at the University of Denver, announced today that it is launching Allied Legal Professionals. With generous support from the Sturm Family Foundation, this project seeks to help standardize a new tier of legal professionals nationally—to increase the options for accessible and affordable legal

Real, disruptive change is frequently discussed and predicted, but only rarely seen. Yet, we have certainly seen disruptive change over the past two years, in our country and the world at large—and in our justice system in particular. This momentum for meaningful change throughout our justice system must be maintained and effectively channeled.


IAALS is thrilled to announce that Dan Rodriguez, former dean and current Howard Washington Professor of Law of Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, will join the organization as our scholar-in-residence for two weeks this April, with ongoing collaboration on our projects. “I got to know Dan when we were both law school deans in Chicago,

In March 2021, Minnesota joined Washington, Utah, and Arizona by implementing a legal paraprofessional program in an effort to provide effective access to justice for a broader range of low- and modest-income individuals. Following in Utah’s and Arizona’s footsteps, Minnesota is extending the scope of work legal paraprofessionals can provide beyond just family law to

Last fall, IAALS launched the Paths to Justice Summit Series, a series of virtual convenings and webinars focused on the most pressing issues currently faced by our civil justice system, including the opportunities and challenges of the pandemic, access to justice, and inequities in our civil justice system and related public trust and confidence.

IAALS, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, announced today that it is awarding Rohan Pavuluri, CEO and co-founder of Upsolve, the second annual Alli Gerkman Legal Visionary Award. The award is designed to encourage and showcase innovators, risk takers, visionaries, and emerging leaders who bring a different perspective and a

The NCSC’s Court Statistics Project provides a first broad look at the effect the pandemic has had on state court filings, as detailed in its recently released “2020 Incoming Cases in State Courts Caseload Highlights.” The highlights reflect dramatic changes in incoming state court cases and case processing since the pandemic’s onset.In 2020, the first

In September, the California Paraprofessional Working Group published its report and recommendations concerning a paraprofessional licensing program. The idea for such a program originated in a 2019 report that detailed the significant gap between the need for and availability of civil legal services in California; since publication, the state bar has made a variety of