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How many companies that provide hosting or build platforms for other people to communicate can’t afford to defend themselves every time someone posts something that results in litigation? Many will be forced to shut down due to the risk. Many will be targeted specifically in the hope that they will have to shut down.

As the author says, algorithms aren’t working to keep us well informed. RSS can work, but it takes some effort on our part and the availability of an RSS feed from the site we want to follow. An email newsletter shows up.
I might not love email, but I can’t argue with that.
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It’s been an issue before, but firms have always been able to work around the edges, limiting the impact those efficiencies had on their overall billable hours. This feels different. The entire point of AI tools is to create significant efficiencies across the business world. Not using them will end many client relationships. They won’t

This story seems inevitable to me. As the tech world pushes us increasingly into asking an AI chatbot for information instead of looking it up ourselves, and the AI model has incorrect information, where do you get it corrected? When OpenAI was asked to correct or remove this misinformation, they said it was ‘technically impossible’…